At Camp George we serve delicious and nutritious meals. All food is kosher and nut-sensitive. We are able to accommodate a variety of food needs including allergies and sensitivities. We incorporate and encourage healthy food choices through options such as a protein-rich salad bar, whole wheat bread, water infused with fresh fruit, and cut fruits and vegetables. Snacks are provided throughout the day, and include fruit, yogurt, cereal bars and cookies. “Tuck” (the camp store) is offered three times a week and includes a ‘healthy-choice’ day offering items like granola bars, pretzels and water.

Breakfast Selections: Cold Cereal Hot Cereal Hot Chocolate Eggs Danishes Bagels and Cream Cheese Pancakes Waffles Muffins Juice Cinnamon Buns Yogurt
Lunch Selections: Sandwiches Grilled Cheese French Fries Soup Salad Bar Tortellini Sub Sandwiches Bean Burritos Fish Sticks Potato Bar Outdoor BBQ Tacos Pizza Macaroni and Cheese
Dinner Selections: Outdoor BBQ Salad Bar Pasta Chicken Stir Fry Lasagna Chicken Pot Pie Shepherd’s Pie Vegetarian Chili Vegetarian Burgers Roast Chicken Vegetables Potatoes
Snack Selections: Fruit Cookies Pastries Granola Bars Popsicles Fruit Cookies Pastries Granola Bars Popsicles