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a culture of care and support

Camp George strives to be a place where each member of our community is always safe – physically and emotionally. We are an environment that is open, tolerant, and accepting of individuals and families from varied backgrounds, and orientations. As an inclusive community, we welcome campers and staff with special needs if we determine with the family that we have the supports needed to ensure a successful experience. Our goal is to ensure that each child who is part of our community is fully integrated into our programs and activities.

We work closely with families, throughout the year and during the summer, to ensure that each camper has the supports they need to have a successful camp experience. This includes specific staff support, schedule modifications, breaks, snacks, etc. 

Our community care team is made up of professionals who work as part of our leadership team. They have experience in education, counseling and guidance, social work, and special education. This team works alongside our phenomenal staff, to provide extra support and counsel on various strategies for working with children. They are also involved in our staff training and work in partnership with our medical team. 

If you have any questions or concerns and wish to speak further about your child’s needs, do not hesitate to be in touch. We believe that parents are our partners – and that the more information we have about each child, the better able to we are to support them.