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Camp George offers program options for children completing grades 1 through 10. Our sessions range in length from 4 days to 7 weeks.

Campers live in cabins which are assigned to a camper unit. Each unit is comprised of 4-8 cabins of both boys and girls in two grades. Cabins are either grade specific or a mix of two grades.

Cabins travel together for the majority of the day participate together in everything that camp offers. Cabin based programming gives everyone the chance to do things they love, and try new activities. A camper’s cabin group is an integral part of their camp experience. Campers support each other and create lifelong friendships.

Campers in our two older units, Kochavim and Barak, have the opportunity to select a chug (elective) each week, exploring different areas of interest, building skills and in an area they are passionate about.

Unit NameGrades Completed
NitzotzotGrades 2 and 3
LehavotGrades 4 and 5
KochavimGrades 6 and 7
BarakGrades 8 and 9
CIT Grade 10

Mini Mensch is an introductory program perfect for our youngest campers, most of who will be away from home for the first time. Our little mensches experience an amazing four days at Camp as they participate in our varied activity areas and get to feel the magic of the Camp George community.  They are nurtured by fabulous counselors whose main focus is the health and well being of each camper. Roasting marshmallows around a campfire, singing Shabbat songs, swimming in Maple Lake – all of this and more! On pick-up day we welcome our parents to join us for a special camp tour and program.

Nitzotzot our “sparks,” participate in all the best that camp has to offer! With the option of enrolling in one of our 7-, 10,- 14- or 17-day options, or a full session, Nitzotzot campers get a taste of all our great activities, while being supported and nurtured by caring staff who are specially trained to respond to the needs of our youngest campers. In a unit with a greater camper-to-staff ratio, these campers grow into camp life through special programs tailored just for them. Special attention is paid to campers who are trying new activities for the first time or are experiencing camp for the first time. Campers in the shorter sessions have the option to extend their session.

Lehavot provides both first-time campers and camp veterans a great all-round camp experience. Lehavot campers participate in everything that camp has to offer, including a one-night overnight on our very own Island with their cabin. Our Lehavot staff are specially trained in needs and desires of campers in this age range, and the high staff-to-camper ratio means our Lehavot campers have an amazing camp experience. Lehavot campers have the option of enrolling for one of our 14-day or 17-day options, or First, Second and Full session options. Campers in the shorter session have the option to extend their session.

Kochavimour “middle” camper unit, is a great program for new and returning campers. In Kochavim, campers have fun participating in all that camp has to offer and begin to develop leadership skills that can be used both at camp and beyond. In Kochavim, campers get to experience our Chugim program (a personalized option period each day) for the very first time and participate in day hikes and an outdoor overnight experience. Kochavim campers are also involved in our camp musical. Kochavim campers can sign up for First, Second or Full session. A 17-day option is available for Kochavim campers during our second session only.

Barak Everyone loves being a Barak camper! In Barak, campers participate in a unique experience which focuses both on the cabin group and the camper unit as a whole. Leadership and role modeling are important in the Barak unit and the ruach (spirit) is like none other. Barak campers participate in the Chugim program (a personalized option period each day), can get involved in our camp musical, and are offered opportunities to participate in multi-day canoe and hiking trips in Algonquin Park. Barak campers can sign up for First, Second or Full session.

CIT The highlight of the senior camper program, our CIT program is a specialized leadership training program specifically crafted to train our future leaders in camp. CITs spend time both as a unit as well as on “placements” with cabin groups and specialty areas. In placements, the CITs learn hands on skills for working with children in the camp environment. During Hadracha leadership sessions CITs develop skills in child management, Jewish programming, and experiential education. In addition, CITs play an integral role in the development of all camp programming, assisting with events such as Maccabiah, evening programs, and camper banquet. Acceptance to the CIT program is determined through a separate application process and space is limited. For more information please contact the camp office.

Kulam is an overnight summer camp experience for children aged 9-12 with Autism Spectrum Disorder, children with mild to moderate learning, social and or emotional challenges such as ADHD, receptive and expressive language issues, developmental delays and anxiety. Campers attending Kulam are included in all areas of Camp George community life, including participation in the cabin experience, camp activities, religious activities, meals, etc. Kulam offers low camper-staff ratio, integration into the Camp George mainstream program, support around hygiene, independence and visual supports for campers who like a visual schedules and thrive in a structured program. Contact us to find out more about the program and to see if Kulam is the right fit for your child.