Camp George offers the Canadian Red Cross Swim Kids program as a required activity program. Our qualified instructors help our younger campers work towards completing their levels 1-10. Our older campers, after completing their levels, have the option of working on Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross. Instructional swim is offered 3-4 times per week. During free swim periods campers can enjoy hanging out on the beach or jumping on the water trampoline.

The Camp George sailing program is one of a kind. Our Invitation sailboats are great for a relaxing ride and perfect for teaching the basics of sailing including rigging, points of sail, tying knots and soloing. Campers can further develop their skills on one of our larger CL boats.

At Paddlesports, campers experience canoeing, kayaking, and stand up paddleboarding. Campers learn all of the essential paddling skills and techniques, equipment terminology, and safety associated with canoeing and kayaking. Paddlesport games and day trips around Maple Lake are part of the program.

The Camp George ski program offers beginner and advanced techniques for water skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding. Using first-rate ski boats and equipment, campers are supported by professionally trained staff who are able to meet the needs of campers at all levels.

Mountain Biking
Campers are taught how to ride on outdoor trails, along with the basics of mountain bike maintenance. The nearby Seguin Trail, provides an excellent terrain for both novice and advanced riders. Non-bikers are given special instruction by our trained staff and often leave camp as confident riders.

Campers love developing their skills on the tennis courts. Our experienced staff provide excellent instruction for players of all skill levels. Special programs include unit tournaments, staff tournaments, and a level-based awards program.

Come shoot some "hoops" with us on our newly designed Basketball court; a true favourite with campers and staff alike. Basketball and ball hockey are available during land sports program time, on Shabbat, and during free time.

Learn the basic skills of archery at our newest specialty area.

Land Sports
Cabin groups can participate in several sports including baseball, softball, floor hockey, volleyball, badminton and soccer. Special programs include an Ironman Triathlon, Intercamp competitions and Intramural tournaments.

Everybody's first encounter with our one-of-a-kind ropes course is a jaw-dropping experience. Campers and staff challenge themselves mentally and physically as they try our low-, mid- and high-level elements including the climbing wall, Jacob's ladder, the Double Aerial Trust Dive, and the giant swing. Our newest element is our double zip line – a real highlight!

Canoe Trips
Three and four day overnight canoe trips are offered to our Barak (grade 8 & 9) campers who want to experience the outdoors. Campers, led by our experienced tripping staff, paddle, portage, swim and hike through some of the most beautiful Provincial parks in northern Ontario including Algonquin, Killarney and Massassauga.

Hiking Trips
Hiking trips are offered to our Kochavim (grade 6 & 7) campers. These campers experience the northern Ontario wilderness on our own "Gan Matan" just adjacent to main camp. Campers hike and canoe to our campsite, engage in creative outdoor programming, and enjoy their own campout and sleepover.

Point/Island Adventures
Our Nitzotzot and Lehavot (grade 2, 3, 4 & 5) campers receive a taste of camping in northern Ontario with the Island Adventure experience. Each of our youngest cabin groups (grade 2 & 3) have an outdoor dinner followed by a campfire. Lehavot campers (grade 4 & 5) camp out overnight on nearby Durbin Island once per session. After a short canoe trip campers cook their own dinner and enjoy activities around the campfire.

Gan Matan
Just adjacent to main camp is the environmental oasis we call Gan Matan (the garden of giving). Campers enjoy Gan Matan through special half-day programs and overnights where they engage in creative environmental programming including helping to plant and care for our own sustainable vegetable garden. Campers enjoy the "fruits" of their labour throughout the summer.

Campers learn all of the campfire basics including starting a fire, cooking on a fire, campsite maintenance and safety. Favorite campfire snacks include corn on the cob, potatoes and s'mores. Outdoor skills like orienteering are a mainstay of the program.

Our nature program acclimates campers to our beautiful surrounding environment. Nature hikes, species identification, animal care, gardening, and environmental awareness are all taught through a Jewish lens.

Israel Education
With the help of our mishlachat (Israeli staff), Israel Education is infused in our programming through special all day programs and every day interactions. Our Israeli staff serve as counselors and specialists, developing meaningful relationships with our campers. Our mishlachat is comprised of Israelies who join us through the Jewish Agency just as they have completed their army service, Shinshinim who have spent the year working in Toronto's Jewish community, and staff who have grown up at Camp George.

Dance and Fitness
Campers learn the skills, techniques and choreography associated with several different genres of modern dance including hip-hop, pop and cardio-funk. The program culminates with a dance show that is presented to the entire camp at the end of each session. Yoga and a myriad of fitness classes are also offered throughout each week.

Arts & Crafts
Arts and crafts is a program that allows campers to develop artistic skill and use their creativity and imagination in order to create keepsakes from their camp experience. Various media are used to explore the visual arts, often through a Jewish lens.

Campers can make a variety of different ceramic projects in our pottery studio. They learn important techniques including wedging clay, using the wheel, glazing and firing. New projects, such as name plates, sculptured animals, and beautiful Judaica, are taught daily.

Our multimedia program provides an opportunity for cabins to produce, film, and edit their own short movies. Campers practise their digital photography skills, capturing our beautiful surroundings, specialty areas in action, and their friends having fun. These creations often become a highlight of our end-of-session video show and our online blogs and social media.

Campers learn what it takes to put on a theatre production. Acting workshops include singing, improvisation, dancing, and choreography. Those in Kochavim and Barak who are interested are invited to try out each session for the camp play. Each play is performed for the entire camp community at the end of each session.

Campers have the opportunity to learn basic guitar skills through specialized workshops. No experience (or guitar!) required.

Maccabiah (Colour War) is one of the most anticipated Camp George traditions during our second session. It always starts with a bang as the counselors and specialists unveil a memorable, surprise break. The entire camp is split into four teams that participate in a full day of competition including cheering, a giant relay race, sports competitions, and an arts presentation. The energy and excitement that is displayed is always remarkable. The program culminates at night when one team is declared the winner at a dramatic closing ceremony.

CG Games
Like Maccabiah, CG Games engages the entire camp in a full day of fun competition in sports and the arts. Campers look forward to returning to their same team summer after summer. CG Games is a highlight of our first session.  

Yom Yisrael
Our Israeli staff help bring Israel to camp for a day. Activities are centered on Israel's diverse culture and history including geography, music, dance, and food.

Evening Programs
Evening programs occur almost every night after dinner for each unit. The counselors and specialists run unique programs specific for their unit. Programs include various game shows, campfires, capture the flag, talent shows, casino night, beach night, an Iron Chef cook-off, counselor bingo, and more.

Unit Programs
Each unit experiences its own special all-day programs. Popular programs include skit writing, the Camp George Film Festival, and Survivor Island.

Bunk Night
Bunk night provides an opportunity for cabin groups to experience a special group-building cabin activity. Favourite activities include tubing, a campfire with s'mores, swimming, sports, and movie nights.

Campers in Kochavim and Barak (Grades 6, 7, 8 & 9) participate in our daily Chugim program, a specialized activity track which they choose. Over the course of one session, campers participate in four different Chugim. Chugim include: advanced wakeboarding, creative writing, theatre production, high ropes, sports clinics, and more.

One of the unique features of Camp George is the Informal Jewish Education component of our camp program. The setting, the staff, and the faculty provide a wonderful platform for Jewish education. This element of the camp program, which weaves itself into everything we do at Camp, engages campers and develops their Jewish knowledge and pride in their identity.

Three to four days per week each unit participates in either CG101 (Nitzotzot) where they develop the fundamentals of experiencing Judaism at Camp George, TAG (Lehavot) an informal Jewish educational experience focused on hands-on Tikkun Olam projects, Olim (Kochavim) which integrates Jewish values into daily life at camp, or Project Barak (Barak) an elective program which allows campers to choose experiential workshops which focus on service and action.

At Camp George we work hard to ensure that campers are engaged in all that camp life has to offer. During the five activity periods throughout the day, campers participate in the many different activity areas at camp, including swim, and experiential Judaic programming. Timing for evening programs and lights out are adjusted based on the age group of the campers. A sample daily schedule may look like this:

7:30 AM Wake-up
7:50 AM Mifkad (all camp gathering)
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:40 AM Nikayon (Cabin Clean Up)/Tfillah (Services)
9:30 AM Specialty Period
10:45 AM TOPS/SHMOOZE (Informal Jewish Education)
12:00 PM Swim
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Menucha (Rest Period)
3:00 PM Specialty Period
4:10 PM Snack
4:30 PM Specialty Period
5:45 PM Chofesh (Free Time)
6:30 PM Dinner
7:15 PM T'fillot
7:45 PM Evening Program
8:30 PM Snack/Cabins In
9:45 PM Lights Out

Note: This schedule is for sample purposes only. Times and events are subject to change.