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The Camp George Camp Council

Camp George’s Camp Council forms the backbone of our camp. These dedicated volunteers give their time and expertise toward making Camp George the best it can be, working diligently to secure its future for generations to come. We are grateful for their support and leadership!

Want to get involved? We would love to talk to you about volunteer opportunities and areas where you can contribute to our greater community. Send us an email and let’s talk!

Our Council Members

Mark S. Anshan, Chair
Len Bates
Susie Berg, Past Chair
Hannah Bloomberg
Avner Bordoley
Erin Dessau
Danielle D’Onofrio
Aly Gampel, Vice Chair
Sarah Greene
Gavin Herman
Rabbi Noam Katz
Alex Krieger
Rabbi Rob Morais
Janice Pearl
Lew Rasminsky
Pekka Sinervo
Miriam Sossin
Melanie Wasser
Elisa Weber
Valerie Whitfield
Rabbi Stephen Wise

Council Committees

You Belong
Parent Ambassadors

Leadership Shabbat

Join us for our annual Leadership Shabbat at camp. All congregational leaders are invited to attend this amazing experience at camp. Come learn with us and see camp in action. Check back for more details and a save the date!