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  • Ariel Gersman and Antonio Zvonimir
  • Rachel Kreuter and Sam Berns
  • Caity Lehman to Scott Figler
  • Aaron McQuillan to Adrienne Ervin
  • Alex Rudel to Becca Sufrin
  • Jerry Kosoff to Adia German
  • Carly Wislesky to Corey Noyek
  • Sarah Bogach to Jared Saks
  • Debs Blaustein to Igor
  • Erin Dessau to Elliott Rubin
  • Sarah Stein to Samuel Michaels
  • Hannah Iwrey to Brandon Hoffman
  • Adam Reisman to Becky Tartick
  • Dave Bernstein and Ashley Isenberg
  • Adam McArthur to Ashley Ayoub
  • Kylie Katz to Jason Bloom
  • Jazmin Walters to Greg Morissette
  • Laura Shnall to Jason Klemensberg
  • Carly Abrahams to Daniel Saban
  • Shana Zell to Josh Mondshein
  • Mark Gutman to Hannah Koraly
  • Eric Rudel to Beth Bialosky
  • Ryan Leszner to Dalia Krusner
  • Ariel Gersman to Antonio Corkovic
  • Micah Anshan to Tamar Miller
New Additions
  • Arthur to Laura Stevens to Alex Boates
  • Alon Roi to Tanya Sermer and Avi Bar-Eitan
  • Jonah Asher to Elana Fox and Ryan Particka
  • Peyton James to Laura Reisman and Mark Tourangeau
  • Mia Jane to Carly Fox to Jason Langsner
  • Teddy Alexander to Lindsay (McArthur) and James Melillo
  • Solomon Wolf to Mira (Blumenthal) and Josh Lax
  • Lylah Charlotte Feldman to Karen Lidor and Ariel Feldman
  • Finley to Thea (Boyar) and Jason Dow
  • London to Corinne Keshen and Jonathan Davine
  • Eden Bari to Steven and Rachel Kraft
  • Maya Elizabeth to Rebecca (Nezon) and Matthew Gonsalves
  • Sacha to Josh Durbin and Alyssa Byers-Heinlein
  • Sophie to Joshua Sternburg and Natalie Marcus
  • Eva to Jess Roher and Louis Century
  • Samuel Jordan to Heather (McArthur) and Elon Walter
  • Marli Wilde to Molly Pilchar (Jacobs) and Brent Pilchar
  • Ethan Bobbie to Lauren Viner and Brian Fishbein
  • Zoe Maya to Jordan Glicksman and Jacqueline Taylor
  • Avery to Alli Fisher and Stephen Price
  • Jonah Yaar to Josh and Ilana Goodman-Berger
  • Arlo and Ezra to Mira and Ely Lyonblum
  • Emily to Jessica Zimmering and David Emmett
  • Arya to Dani Kagan
  • Cole Marlowe to Emily Abrams and Matthew Dicker 
Honourable Mentions
  • Debs Blausten has been ordained as a Rabbi at Leo Baeck College
  • Michael Weiss has been ordained as a Rabbi at Hebrew Union College
  • Natalie Shribman has been ordained as a Rabbi at Hebrew Union College
  • Leah Sternberg has been ordained as a Rabbi at Hebrew Union College
  • Joanne Loiben has been ordained as a Rabbi at Hebrew Union College

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