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Meet our 2024 Unit Heads and Assistant Unit Heads

Ezra: CIT Director

Hello! I’m Ezra and I’m the CIT Director this summer. During the year, I work at a school in Waterloo as a lab technician. This will be my 12th summer at camp, and the last time I was at camp was in 2022 as a unit head. Being a CIT was my favourite summer ever, and I’m really excited to help make this an amazing summer for all of this year’s CITs.

Megan: Barak Unit Head

Hi Camp George!! I’m so happy to be returning to camp as your Barak unit head!! I am thrilled to be coming back for my 11th summer and am so excited to make more amazing memories on maple lake! I am looking forward to seeing all of you again and meeting new faces!  Barak, let’s make it the best summer yet!!

Eden: Kochavim Unit Head

Hi Camp George!!! My names Eden and I’m SO excited to be returning for my 11th summer at Maple Lake as your Kochavim Unit Head!!! I’ve spent this last year at Queens university working towards my teaching degree and patiently waiting for camp to start! I cant wait to meet and get to know each and every one of you! I’ll be counting down the days until we’re all together at our home away from home and making new memories. Kochavim get ready for the BEST summer ever!

Erika: Lehavot Unit Head

Hi everyone! I’m Erika and I’m so excited to be your Lehavot Unit Head this summer!!! This is my 13th summer at camp and after working on pottery for 3 years I’m excited to do something new and experience different parts of camp!! During the year, I just finished my second year of university at Carleton in Ottawa where I study history, religion, philosophy and art! Can’t wait to come back to camp and have an amazing summer doing awesome programming and connecting with friend old and new!!!!!!!!!

Yael: Nitzotzot Unit Head

Hi Camp George! I can’t wait to see you all soon for my 11th summer as your Nitzozot unit head!! I’m so excited to see some of you again, get to know some new friends, introduce you to our beautiful camp, and ensure you have the best summer ever!! We are going to make some unforgettable memories together!! See you soon 💗

Charlie: CIT Assistant Unit Head

Hi everyone my name is Charlie Tobias and I’m super excited to be this year’s head of athletics and CIT assistant director. This is my 13th summer at Camp George and 4th as a staff. I can’t wait to make new memories and meet so many new faces soon! See you on maple lake!!

Sophie: Barak Assistant Unit Head

Hi everyone! my name is Sophie Tarride and I will be the assistant Barak unit head for summer 2024! I currently spend my year studying kindergarten and elementary education at McGill but I cannot wait to be back at my favourite place with my favourite people. I have been going to camp since I was in nitz and this will be my third summer on the staff team! I’m so excited to be the assistant unit head of Barak and have the most fun summer with all your kids!  Barak is the time for campers to become role models on camp while also experiencing the most transformative and incredible summer! I am pleased to be guiding this unit over the summer and setting the tone with my enthusiasm and love for camp. This is the place where campers will create the most incredible friendships and memories and I can’t wait to watch that over the summer! Catch ya on the lake:)

Leah: Kochavim Assistant Unit Head

Hi Camp George! My name is Leah Brandes and I am so excited to be returning to camp for my 10th summer as the Kochavim assistant unit head! I’m looking forward to seeing so many old faces and meeting so many new ones. I cannot wait to be back at Maple Lake and help create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime! So excited to see you all soon 🙂

Abby: Nitzotzot Assistant Unit Head

Hi everyone!! My name is Abby Samson, and I am THRILLED to be your assistant unit head for Nitzotzot! This will be my ninth summer at Camp George, and I can’t wait to spend it making incredible memories with you all. See you so soon!!😊