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The Impact of Heller High on our Jewish identities

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At the end of camp last year, the three of us cabin mates decided to enroll for an overseas education in Israel; today, we are here to share with you our experiences and how this trip changed us and our Jewish identities. The semester began a short four days after camp had just ended; you would think that after seven weeks with each other, we’d be sick of one another. We’re happy to say that we are stronger than ever because of this trip and the things we experienced together.

Throughout this trip, we travelled to historically significant places in the Talmud and popular hot spots in the country. The people we met showed us how Jewish communities thrive, and the actual destinations enlightened us about our people’s rich history. Both strengthen our Jewish selves. Aside from the field trips, we went through much schooling. Our teachers there are still some of our favourite educators we’ve had. They made us feel like more than students but like a family, much like at camp.

Unfortunately, when the attack of October 7th broke out, we had to be sent home. We left, but not without saying our goodbyes to Israel; our program raised over one hundred thousand dollars in support of Israel, along with the fifteen hundred care packages we made for the soldiers and displaced families. When the war broke out, it was as if Israel became one big kehilah.

This semester, even if it was only half of one and camp, has strengthened our Jewish lives so much. We look forward to more years in Israel as we grow and more years at our home away from home.

See you in ‘24 camp George!!

Written by: By Elon, Bradley and Morris

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