May the Camp Force Be With You: A Legendary Star Wars-Themed Maccabiah!

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May the Camp Force Be With You: A Legendary Star Wars-Themed Maccabiah!

Last Thursday, our camp was transported to a galaxy far, far away as we embarked on an epic journey through the universe of fun, camaraderie, and friendly competition during our Star Wars-themed Maccabiah. The energy was intergalactic, the spirit was high, and the Force was definitely strong with us all! Painting: Unleashing Artistic Jedi Skills. The artistic talents of our campers were ignited during the painting events. Each team was given the challenge to design and paint a plaque and a banner that reflected the Star Wars theme while also incorporating the Jewish Values of their team.

Red, with captain Han Solo, represented strength;

Blue, with team leader Luke Skywalker, represented courage

Yoda, with the green team, stood for wisdom

C3PO, captain of yorange, channeled love!

The campgrounds turned into an artistic haven, with campers of all ages channeling their inner Picassos to create stunning plaques and banners that captured the essence of their team spirit. From Twin Sun masterpieces to Yoda-inspired masterstrokes, the plaques became a testament to the camp’s commitment to creativity and collaboration. But the excitement didn’t end there! Our campers took their Maccabiah spirit to the courts, where they engaged in intense basketball matches. Dressed in their team’s, campers battled it out for victory while their teammates cheered them on. The passion and dedication shown on the court were truly inspiring, reminding us all that sportsmanship and teamwork transcend galaxies.

Finishing off the Maccabiah was an out-of-this-world dance show that showcased our campers’ amazing dance moves and creativity. Campers from all age groups teamed up to choreograph their own Star Wars-themed routines, complete with droid-inspired dance formations and lightsaber duels that had the entire camp cheering with excitement. From Ewok-inspired twirls to Sith Lord-inspired pops and locks, the dance floor was a spectacle of pure camp unity and imagination.

The pinnacle of our Star Wars Maccabiah was the GTR, an exhilarating relay race that saw campers of all ages working together to complete a series of challenges that tested both their physical and mental abilities. From solving puzzles, portaging canoes, to even starting fires, campers cheered each other on and showcased unwavering support. The true spirit of camp unity was on display as older campers guided and encouraged the younger ones, exemplifying the power of teamwork and mentorship.

The phenomenal success of our out-of-this-world Maccabiah experience can be attributed to the remarkable programming skills and teamwork displayed by our exceptional Counselors-in-Training. The CITs dedicated efforts breathed life into every aspect of the event, making it a truly unforgettable journey through the Star Wars universe. Jack Borins, our CIT director, talks about what goes into planning the event: “The CITS spent weeks planning and preparing for Maccabiah. It was great to see how proud they were of their work, everything from the opening ceremonies to the Great Team Relay. They are definitely going to look back on this experience for years to come.”

Thank you CITs and accompanying coordinating staff for an unforgettable Maccabiah.

Written by: Adam Krugel, Barak Assistant Unit Head


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