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Introducing our Cornerstone Fellows 2023


yael staff smiling outside

Yael Haas

Senior Cornerstone Fellow

Drama Specialist

After reflecting on the positive impact the cornerstone retreat had on me last year, I knew this was a experience I wanted to do again. This upcoming summer will be my third summer at camp, starting off as a drama staff and then being a counselor last summer which I loved. On top of this I have always sought out leadership roles. This is why this role excites me as it will enable me to utilize my skills and passions. Cornerstone will allow me to be equipped with the the proper skills and programs to better support and guide my fellow staff and campers. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to create and share a new project with you all and look forward to seeing the positive impact it has on our community.

staff with sunglasses outside

Charlie Tobias

Cornerstone Fellow

Senior Counselor

What’s up I’m Charlie I’m a senior counselor, and I’m super hype to be back for my twelfth summer! What I’m most excited about for cornerstone is just to make new memories with tons of new people and plan some neat programs for the whole camp.

ari staff smiling in costume

Ari Klein

Senior Counselor

My name is Ari Klein and this will be my seventh summer at camp. The past two years I have been the programming assistant but this year I am a counselor. I look forward to cornerstone so I can learn new programs to use at camp as well as other new leadership skills.

yael staff smiling under the ohel

Yael Jackson

Senior Counselor

Hi! My name is Yael and this is going to be my 10th summer at camp and third year as a counsellor. I am so excited to be part of the cornerstone fellowship, to plan great programs for you all, and get even more involved in the camp community! See you soon!

erika staff smiling outside

Erika Rakowsky

Head Pottery Specialist

Hi everyone! My name is Erika and this summer will be my 12th summer at camp! I’m excited for my third year on pottery and to be one of your cornerstone fellows! I can’t wait to run awesome programs with my fellow fellows! See y’all in June!

lewis staff smiling outside in winter

Lewis Shaevel

Head of Sports

Hey everyone, my name is Lewis Shaevel, and this is my 9th summer at camp. Camp is a place where i’ve made my best memories and my closest friends. I’m super excited to be a cornerstone fellow and bring back a ton of new ideas and fun programs for this summer! I am also excited to meet a ton of other people from other camps and learn from them too.