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All About Our Maccabiah Games: Finding Nemo!


Maccabiah is a camp-wide themed colour war during second session! The first camp-wide event that the CITs plan themselves! This day long event helps bond the camp together and brings a lot of camp spirit to the campers.

My name is Mikaela and I was a CIT coordinator for this year’s Maccabiah. Our theme was finding Nemo and the teams were Marlin (yorange), Peach (red), Crush (green) and Dory (blue). Some features unique to this year’s Maccabiah were the specialized activities! For example, searching for the divers goggles and putting together puzzles of your team’s character. Another fun aspect of this event were the decorations, which really helped engage the campers. The CIT’s turned the basketball course into an aquarium and the swim area into Darla’s playpen.  These aspects really helped bring our theme to life and create a fun day for campers. 

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I really enjoyed planning and running Maccabiah with the rest of the CIT’s as I feel like it really brought us closer together as a unit. We had to learn to work together and share ideas. My favorite part of Maccabiah was seeing it come to life. There was a lot of planning involved. A lot of hard work was put into making decorations, and keeping Mac a surprise for campers. Seeing it all fall into place was really special. Also, seeing the campers cheering and smiling throughout the day was really nice and showed us how much they enjoyed this event. 

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One piece of advice that I would give to next years CIT’s for Mac would be to have fun with it. The more fun and interesting ideas you have and the more you think outside of the box, the more fun it is for campers. Every small detail counts and every person involved, no matter your role, really helps make the day amazing. It is also super fun planning with your friends and creating something with them!

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