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A CIT is a ‘Counselor in Training’ and over the summer they develop their leadership skills and learn how to become counselors by working in specialty areas or being placed in a cabin for one week at a time. The goal is for them to be prepared for first year staff next summer as well as having some idea on where they want to be in the staff body (specialty or counselor). The CIT program is also an amazing bonding opportunity for them as they get to spend a lot of time with each other, plan things together, and go on CIT trip together. This year they went to Ottawa for CIT trip and had a blast. Below highlights three of our 2022 CIT’s. Meet Jake, Jordyn and Shayna!

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Hi, I’m Jake. This is my ninth summer at camp and I’m a CIT this year. I love camp, but what I like especially about it is that I get to spend all day hanging out with the people that I’m closest with. Being a CIT is a bit different from being a camper, however something that I like about it is that I get to experience all different parts of camp and decide what I like best. For example, in the first week of the summer I got to be on ski which was fun because I got to be near the water and ski all day while still learning about what it takes to be a staff. Then the next week I was on K1 and got to bond with the kids and experience what being a counselor is like. Being a CIT is a really fun experience and I’m very excited for next summer when I get to be a staff and have my own cabin.

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Hi my name is Jordyn. This is my seventh summer at camp, and this year I am a CIT. Camp is my home away from home, and being able to spend the summer away from your family with some of your closest friends is an experience like no other and one that I love. Being a CIT is unique compared to being a camper, and my favourite thing about being a CIT is the fact that you are able to go around to different placements and experience new things and make new bonds, daily. To me the CIT program is so important because you get to move around to different placements and find out what you really like as a staff. Some placements I have been on include L2, L4, Cooking, and Communications. My favourite placement has been L2. I enjoyed L2 because I was able to become close with the kids and really experience what it’s like to be a counselor. On my placements I learnt that things are not always what they might be and unexpected barriers will get in the way whether you try and stop or not. 


Hi my name is Shayna. This is my seventh summer at camp, and this year I am a CIT. Camp is my favourite place to be especially when making new memories everyday with the people I love. Being a CIT is very different from being a camper. My favourite thing about being a CIT is creating new bonds with the campers and other CITs. During my placement on paddle sports I really enjoyed being able to go in the water everyday and watching the other cabins have fun while they went paddle boarding. While I was on K8 I enjoyed getting to know each camper by spending time with them.  The CIT program is important to me because it helped show me what I want to be as a staff. For example, before coming to camp I wasn’t wanting to be on a specialty area. Now I am considering applying next year to be on one. I’m thinking of applying for paddle next year.