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ski boat


Why did you choose to be a Ski specialist?

I grew up at camp loving ski, and dreamed of working on ski! Maple lake is the best, and my job is awesome! 


What is your favorite thing about Ski?

My favourite part about ski is getting to be on the lake all day and working with the best co’s I could ask for. The satisfaction of getting kids up on skis for the first time is awesome and highly rewarding 


What is your best memory from Ski?

My best memory is getting in the water to help campers get up on skis! This is the best part of being a ski staff, it will never fail to make me smile!!


What does a usual Ski period look like?

Campers come down to ski, we go over safety rules and give a short lesson. Then we suit them up and get them up and around the lake! Lots of smiles down here!


swim dock


Why did you choose to be a Swim specialist?

I chose to become a swim staff because I’ve always loved being around water as a camper and I knew I wanted to be on a waterfront area at camp! I taught swimming lessons in the city all throughout high school and wanted to bring my expertise from the city to camp by educating campers and helping them feel comfortable in my favourite environment to be in at camp. I believe that knowing how to swim and being confident around water is an essential life skill that every child should learn starting at a young age. My favorite aspect of being a swim instructor is seeing the progress of a student throughout the session. Swimming in the lake has always been my favourite thing to do at camp and to be able to help other campers experience the same joys that I did as a camper really makes this position on swim that much more meaningful to me. 


What is your favorite thing about Swim?

My favourite part about being a swim staff is being on the lake, connecting with new people, and being able to watch all campers progress throughout the summer. Having the opportunity to spend everyday on the lake is truly a privilege. The beautiful scenery and fresh air is something I look forward to every morning. I love coming down to swim looking at all the campers waiting eagerly on the dock to get in the water. Teaching kids of all ages has allowed me to grow closer to each unit as well as build upon my life guarding and swimming instructor skills. The most rewarding and my personal favourite part about being a swim staff is watching campers grow throughout the summer. Being able to help kids get comfortable in the lake and teach them foundational safety and swimming skills is why I come back to camp every summer. Being a swim staff at camp is my favourite job and has shaped me into the person I am today.


What is your best memory from Swim?

We have so many great memories at swim as a camper and as a swim staff. As a camper I always loved getting in the water, especially to play on the inflatables. I remember winning the swim award in lehavot with some of my other friends in my swim class. Winning the award was one of the highlights of my summer. I have made so many more memories at swim as a staff getting to teach so many campers how to improve their swimming in Maple Lake. 


What does a normal Swim look like?

In a typical instructional swim period, the campers will wait at the top of the dock until their instructors guide them down. They will join their instructors on the dock in a circle with the other members of their unit, until they get to go into the water. When they are in the water they will be asked to do different swimming strokes and show various skills to their instructor based on the level they are in. Once the instructor has assessed the campers, they come out of the water and will join their instructor on the dock to talk about different safety skills and procedures that are important for them to know based on their level. If there is time leftover at the end of the period, the campers can have the opportunity to enjoy some free time in the lake and sometimes on the inflatable toys!




Why did you choose to be a paddle specialist?

I chose to be a paddle staff because I loved water sports as a camper and I wanted to be a part of teaching kids fun water activities. 


What’s your favorite thing about Paddle?

My favourite thing about paddle is being in the water all day and spending time with all of the different cabins who come down. 


What is your best memory from Paddle?

My best memory is when we went canoeing with Barak campers where everyone had a good time, bonded, and enjoyed being out on the lake. 


What does a usual Paddle period look like?

A usual period looks like setting up the canoes, kayaks, or paddle boards, helping the campers get life jackets, paddles, and out on the boats while getting to know them, and then lifeguarding from the crash boat.




Why did you choose to be a sailing specialist?

My dad was a professional and passionate sailor, naturally his hobby was passed down to me.
 I chose to be a sailing specialist at camp George as I wanted to be somewhere bright and sunny for the summer instead of being in the UK which has temperamental weather.


What’s your favorite thing about Sail?

My favourite part of being in my specialty is enjoying the freedom that comes from being on the helm, enjoying feeling the wind and sun on your face, and when I’m feeling too warm I can simply dip into the water to cool down.


What is your best memory from Sail?

My most memorable moment so far has to be giving boat rides around the lake to friends who have hardly ever been on the water, and having good conversations in the middle of the lake.


What does a normal Sailing period look like?

‏A usual period on sail involves rigging the sailboats, helping campers prepare to go on the water and lastly going out on the crash boat and giving campers great sailing tips.