Blog  Spotlighting Changemakers: Eve Tackles Mental Health

Spotlighting Changemakers: Eve Tackles Mental Health

Meet Eve Haras, one of Camp George’s incredible changemakers.

Eve is a 3rd year counselor, having spent the last decade calling Camp George her home. Though she had hoped to be up at camp this summer, Eve is using her time to make camp an even more supportive place for campers and staff members.

Eve is taking part in the Jewish Camp Mental Health and Wellness Internship, run by the Foundation for Jewish Camp. Through the program, Eve will gain skills in supporting campers and peers in building resiliency, develop mental health resources for camp, and become certified in mental health first aid.

Eve first became passionate about mental health in high school while attending As a second year Social Work student at Carleton University, she has continued her pursuit of challenging mental health stigma.

Eve sees camp as a place where mental health can be supported and destigmatized. Eve says, “I want to teach kids early on about mental health so it does not have a stigma. We teach older kids about mental health but not younger kids as much. I want to make it a normal part of the conversation at camp.”

Next summer, she envisions creating spaces and programs where young campers can learn to normalize conversations about mental health and focus on self-care. Eve describes the importance of providing campers with opportunities to take breaks, like during menucha (rest hour). As well, Camp George’s Zen Den and Havdalah can bring a calming, therapeutic atmosphere for campers to relax together. The Jewish value of tikkun hanefesh, Eve explains, highlights the importance of taking care of oneself. As part of her internship, Eve will be creating a project to improve mental health at camp next summer.

Incredibly, Eve is also involved in two other fellowships for Camp George staff this summer, Cornerstone and Nachshon. She has been key in running our virtual programs to keep our community engaged this summer. Eve says, “Camp has been my home and I really love camp. It’s nice to still help out and see old campers.” Eve, you are a true superstar!