Blog  A Note from Jeff and KK

A Note from Jeff and KK

It has been almost three weeks since we gathered in our virtual space for our Opening Day Ceremony. Since then we have had so much fun together in our Beyond Maple Lake programs. We have competed in Kahoot trivia, crafted, debated, explored Israel, sang and danced! It has been amazing to watch how the Camp George community has so spiritedly pivoted as a virtual community. Our camper, family, staff and alumni communities have all had opportunities to come together. Hundreds of you have engaged with Camp George!

We admit, the past few weeks have not always been easy. Like you, we are missing being together. We miss the sound of you laughing as a cabin, we miss feeling the chadar ‘shake’ during songsession, we miss watching the sunset on Maple Lake. But we have loved watching you cuddle up on your couch during storytime, create some amazing works of art during Hagigah, hear your thoughtful comments during shabbat limud. While none of us chose a summer like this one, we have found moments of gratitude every day. Most of all, we are grateful that each of us can play our part in ensuring that our communities are safe and that we are all able to get back to life as we know it as soon as possible.

As you have come to learn from us, clear communication with our community is always a priority. Through this communication we are able to build trusting relationships with one another. It is with this in mind that we want to let you know that as part of the URJ’s response to COVID-19, our professional staff team will be part of an organization wide furlough from July 20 – 24th. During this time, we will not be working and unable to answer emails or calls. This also means that we will take a break from social media and virtual programming. After today, we look forward to being back with our community on July 27th.

We have lots more in store for the final few weeks of our virtual programming. Watch out for Air Bands, creative writing, campfire and Havdalah…and lots more! Our CITs have been hard at work participating in a very special virtual CIT program. They are having so much fun and will be working on their own CIT led programs that you will have a chance to participate in – what could be more fun??

Beyond our programs, we hope you have had an opportunity to check out RJ On the Go and the programs being offered by our friends across the URJ camping system. More programs will be offered from July 27th through the middle of August. If you haven’t already, be sure to tune in to our facebook page every Sunday night at 8pm for the Campfire On Tour concert series – it’s almost like being at camp during super spesh song sesh.

Thank you for your continued support of our community. Your participation in our programs, your generous donations to our sustainability fund, your efforts to stay connected and help raise each other up continues to inspire us. While there continues to be uncertainty in our world, we are confident that the Camp George community remains strong by staying true to and living our values each and every day.

-Jeff and KK