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Welcome to Opening Day

Welcome to Opening Day!!

There is no question that today might be the most unique Opening Day we have had since our inaugural summer in 1999. Still, we have no doubt that like every other Opening Day this one will be complete with excitement and a few nerves. We may not have bus lists, bunk beds, or burgers for dinner but we do have great staff to introduce you to, a spirited Opening Day Ceremony and lots of amazing programs to come.

We share with you that today does bring with it some sadness. We are missing our Opening Day hugs and excited shrieks as we get off the bus. We are missing settling into our cabins and finding our name on our cabin sign, lovingly made by our counselors. We are missing the Ruach of the Chadar Ochel as we sit down to our first meal together and explain to our new campers the dining hall procedures. While there is much to be missed, we keep in mind all that we have learned in these last few difficult months. If this community has shown us anything it is that Camp George is much more than just our home on Maple Lake.

This community reaches far beyond Maple Lake. Camp comes to life in our homes, in our friendships, in our actions, and even on our electronic devices! The resiliency that you have shown as we have ridden the storm through school cancellations, physical distancing, zoom b’nai mitzvot, and camp’s announcement that we would not be physically together, has been inspiring. You have shown up for each other, for your family,  for your friends, and for our community. This has made us exceptionally proud.

As we approach Opening Day, we encourage you to keep thinking ‘camp’. How can you live camp at home? Stay in touch with your friends. Participate in our amazing virtual programs. Live the values that you have learned at camp – engage in tikkun olam projects, stand up for injustice you see around you, support a friend who needs encouragement, get outside and be active, reach out to someone new and connect. Given our current climate, we especially encourage you to take the time listen and learn more about black racial injustice. Look inward and see what changes you might need to make. Look outward and find ways to bring about real change.

So many of us live #tenfortwo. We start counting down the days till next summer as soon as we return from camp. While we are excited about the time we can actually be together at camp, don’t start counting down yet. Instead, make this summer count by being part of the Camp George community in every way you can.

We are excited about our Beyond Maple Lake Program that is starting this week. Check out all that is in store and join us as we come together for some amazing programs led by our phenomenal staff.

Ok…we are going to say Lailah Tov to Nitzotzot and Lehavot. Counselors make sure everyone has a sheet on their bed before going to sleep. Don’t forget to pick up your nighttime snack. We will see you tomorrow morning for Mifkad…don’t be late!!

-Jeff and KK