Blog  Camp George Changemakers During the Pandemic

Camp George Changemakers During the Pandemic

During times of crisis, changemakers decide to step up and make a positive difference in the world. We want to introduce you to three changemakers in our Camp George community.

Meet Talia, Josh and Max. Each of them has started their own initiative and are making a difference in their own way.

Talia Kendal was a camper at Camp George from Nitzotzot to Barak. Talia first learned how to garden and identify plants at Gan Matan, Camp George’s garden space.  Along with her friend, Al, Talia recently started a company called Tal and Al’s Gardening Kits, with the purpose of providing at-home gardening kits to adults and children alike. These creative kits, ranging from $12-$15, provide everything you need to grow plants and stay engaged while at home. Inspired by Jewish teachings of Tzedakah, her initiative also gives 10% of sales to a local foodbank.

“We want to make a difference because there is not enough money being donated. We wanted to make an impact to help people in our community with a fun activity while providing COVID-19 relief.” said Talia.

Contact Talia Here: Email Talia or Check out Talia’s Facebook Page


Josh Feld is a second-year staff at Camp George, with 9 amazing summers on Maple Lake under his belt. As a Grade 12 student, Josh is graduating this June, but the pandemic has taken away opportunities for him and his classmates to celebrate together. So, Josh and his two sisters, Amanda and Jillian who attend URJ 6 Points Sports, found an innovative way to celebrate the grads of 2020. Together they started a company called Grad Signs Canada, customizing lawn signs for $40 each to celebrate any age graduations and simchas.

“We think it’s really important they are celebrated, and that people can see their accomplishments, especially for grade 12 since it’s been so many years leading up to it. We just want to make sure they still feel special even now” said Amanda in an interview with Camp George.

They cite camp as the place where they learned leadership, program planning and showing kindness which has helped them establish their company. Josh mentioned being inspired by the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam that is taught at camp, and like Talia, his company is also donating a portion of profits to a local food bank.

Contact Josh Here: Grad Signs Canada


Max Bacher has been going to Camp George since 2009 and spent two years as a staff member as a song leader. He is currently going to university, studying photography. Max understands the loss that so many people in the Camp George community are feeling right now with the closure of in-person activities this summer. As a way to give back to the Camp that impacted him so much, Max is using his photography skills to take photos of families (respecting physical distancing), with 100% of the proceeds being donated back to Camp George (or a charity of your choosing).

“It’s a way of bringing a nice positive thing out of all this and camps need our support right now more than ever.” explained Max.

With his Jewish value of Kehillah (community), Max sees this initiative as having a ripple effect of positive change, from his photos capturing this moment in time to supporting kids going to camp in the future.

Contact Max Here: Email Max

As a community, we can feel inspired by these changemakers and put our Jewish values into practice as they have done. Together let’s thank Talia, Josh and Max by supporting their initiatives.

If you know of other changemakers in our camp community, please let us know so we can highlight them!