Blog  Introducing Our Summer 2020 Rosh Kochavim

Introducing Our Summer 2020 Rosh Kochavim

Check our our interview with Rosh Kochavim Julia Helfman in the blog below! Welcome back Julia!

Tell us about your background at camp. 

“This will be my 13th summer at URJ Camp George. I started this journey back in 2007, I went to camp starting in Levavot all the way to CIT summer as a camper. Now working at camp as a staff member for the past 5 years only made this feeling for camp grow stronger. Throughout my summers at camp, I have been a Nitzotzot for two years, Lehavot counselor for one, the Assistant Unit Head for Kochavim in 2018, and last year I was the Unit Head for Kochavim. I am beyond stoked to continue this role as Kochavim Unit Head for Summer 2020.”

What are you looking forward to this summer?

“I am looking forward to working with the staff members in my unit and creating strong relationships with them. I had so many great opportunities as a camper, and I want to do the same for my campers. I am also looking forward for evening programs and daily activities for my campers to enjoy. Also, how could I forget about the Pavilion!” 

What do you do outside of camp?

“Outside of camp I attend SUNY Cortland for my education. I am a senior in my program and graduate in May 2020. My major is Inclusive Education with a concentration in Mathematics. I hope own day to have a classroom of my own teaching 3rd grade. I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher ever since I was young. When I am not in school or at camp I am most likely traveling.”

You have to sing karaoke, what song do you pick?

“If I sing karaoke, my go to song is Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts, but usually people don’t want me because I am so tone deaf.”

If you had to eat one camp meal everyday for the rest of your life what would it be?

“If I had to eat one camp meal every day for the rest of my life it would be spaghetti.”

What is one thing people might not know about you?

“One thing people might not know about me is that last year I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. I spent three weeks there learning about Health and Wellness.”