Blog  The Future is BRIGHT with Erin! #GottaGiveToGeorge

The Future is BRIGHT with Erin! #GottaGiveToGeorge

Hi! My name is Erin Rayman and I have been going to Camp George for 6 years now. This past summer, I completed the counsellor in training program at camp and hope to be returning as a staff for summer 2020! Camp has provided me with a lot of things; memories that will last a lifetime, friends who I consider my family, and a safe space where I feel most at home. Aside from all these, Camp George has had a huge impact on my Jewish identity and connection to the Jewish community.

Before I started going to camp, my interest in Judaism was pretty low. I attended Shul on the holidays and went to Hebrew school on Sundays, but I was never super enthusiastic about either of these. That all changed when I started going to camp. From the Friday night services to the everyday Jewish programming, Camp George showed me the beauty in my religion. After spending my first summer at camp, Shul became a place where I got to show off my knowledge of prayers and during my first few weeks back at home, I even caught myself singing the Birkat HaMazon after meals. Camp not only educated me on my religion, but taught me what it means to be Jewish and how important that is.

Along with building my Jewish identity, Camp George gave me a place in the Jewish community, something I never had before. The members of this camp became my family and I now have a group of friends who are all bonded by the same thing, the fact that we are Jewish and our love for camp. Since attending the camp and meeting these people, I am much more immersed in the community and have a deep connection to it. Whether its blasting Israeli music with pride or getting to travel to Israel with my cabin mates in the Spring, Camp George has given me do many opportunities within this community and I am so grateful to have a place like camp in my life.

Be a part of the BRIGHT future of Camp George! Make an impact and give your gift today. #GottaGiveToGeorge