Blog  Nitzotzot Reflection: Part 2

Nitzotzot Reflection: Part 2


As we welcomed visitors for our second session visitors day of summer 2019, we also said our heartfelt goodbyes to the many campers who headed home. For Nitzotzot campers, Marcia, Mala and Misha, visitor’s day marked a very bittersweet day for their early camp careers. Before leaving, we had a chance to talk to them about the first day of camp: 

For Misha, this was the start of her third summer at maple lake, and the first for Mala and Marcia, who are friends from home. Marcia said “ Coming up with Mala made me feel a lot less nervous about coming up because I already had a friend before we got to camp.” The anticipation of finding out their cabins and making new friends, with the excitement of coming up to maple lake for the next 2 weeks. Mala said “I was nervous of course, but the second I got to camp I felt so welcomed.” Followed by dittos from Misha and Marcia. Misha then said “The buses are so fun because you just get so excited to finally get to camp.”

These campers looked back on their time at camp with fondness and excitement for their future summers on Maple Lake. We can’t wait to have them back!