Blog  Nitzotzot Reflection: Part 1

Nitzotzot Reflection: Part 1

In the summer, many of our youngest campers stay for shorter sessions, making it even more important to reflect on their experiences in the middle of an action-packed summer. We had a chance to talk to Nitzotzot campers  Micah, Asher, and Nathan, who left on visitors day and Lev, who stayed with us all summer. Check out their interview below:

How did you feel getting to camp on the first day?

Micah: “A little nervous but excited.
Asher: “Great.”
Nathan: “Fun and Happy.”
Lev: “Happy.” 

What was the first day like?

Asher: “Really fun. Seeing our staff and new friends on the first day made me really excited.”
Micah, Nathan, and Lev: “What he said!”

What are you going to miss the most about Camp?

Micah: “The Lake.”
Asher: “The Lake.”
Nathan: “Waterski.”
Lev: “Inflatables at Swim.”

How does it feel to be leaving camp?

Micah: “I’m happy to go home but sad to leave.”
Asher: “Sad but I know I’ll be back next year.”
Nathan: “Sad but excited to go home and see my family.”