Blog  Looking at the Challenges in our World

Looking at the Challenges in our World

By Dara Lithwick, Week 6 Faculty Member
This week our tikkun olam/ social action Project Barak group focused on identifying and explaining the issues that are most impacting our world. Like Moses does in this week’s Torah portion, Devarim (the start of Deuteronomy), Sydney, Yael, Stephanie, Marnie, Gabi, Abby (Abigail), Jenna, Ava, and Eden identified the greatest challenges affecting them and their generation from their perspectives. They also identify potential solutions and individual, communal, as well as societal plans of action to address the challenges.
Check out their vlog to learn more. As Rabbi Tarfon would say: “It is not upon you to complete the work, but nor are you free to desist from it.”  Or, as Nike would say: Just do it.
It was an honour and a pleasure working with these future leaders.