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The Best Things Around Camp

Zane, Braydon, and Cole are three, first time Nitzotzot campers who left camp on Sunday at the end of the 10-day session. We checked in with them before they departed to see the top 10 things they are going to miss about camp.
  1. Friends- “Being able to spend over a week with new friends in a cabin was so much fun. Easily the #1 thing we will miss the most”
  2. Water Skiing- “The lake is so much fun!”
  3. French Toast- “Favourite meal on camp. No Question.”
  4. The Staff “Definitely our staff, they did so many fun things for us”
  5. Sailing- We love the Waterfront!”
  6. Shabbat- “We loved being able to sing and dance with everyone!”
  7. Saturday Morning Shabbat Sleep-ins- We need our beauty rest!”
  8. Archery- “I tried so hard to get a bullseye, maybe next year!” – Zane
  9. Sports- “ Our cabin loved when we were at the sports field.”
  10. THE WATERFRONT!!! – “The lake is our favourite place at camp, if you couldn’t already tell.”

We can’t wait to see Zane, Braydon, and Cole next year for their second summer on Maple Lake!