Blog  Getting the Full-Summer Experience

Getting the Full-Summer Experience

Carly, Chloe, and Naomi are all Kochavim full-summer campers for this year. Between the bittersweet feelings of first session ending, and second session getting closer and closer, changeover was a perfect benchmark of transition for them.

For Naomi, it’s her first time staying all summer. “I was so excited to see all of my second session friends get off the busses on the first day. It was kind of funny to see them get off when I’m usually the one that’s there with them.”

Carly explained how excited she was for events that are unique to second session here on maple lake. “I can’t wait to see what the Maccabiah theme is and what team I’m on this year.”

Apart from the more significant moments of second session that they are looking forward to, the little moments are equally as special. Chloe was especially excited for being able to create even more memories for the summer with her new cabin. “We already went puddle jumping when it rained, and I can’t wait to make so many more memories this session.”

When asked about how they felt being full session campers this summer Carly said “I mean, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else this summer, this is our second home.” Followed by two “dittos” in unison from Chloe and Naomi.