Blog  From School Friends to Camp Friends

From School Friends to Camp Friends

Friendships are one of the key foundations of summer camp and at Camp George, there are many different types of friendships. Some campers come to camp not knowing anyone and make friends for life. Some friends only see each other at camp, and some might be friends back at home and then come to camp to share a new experience together. Jamie and Marley have known each other for a few years at school, but when Jamie, a third year camper, told Marley about Camp George, Marley knew she’d have to give it a try.

To Jamie: Knowing Marley, what did you think she would enjoy the most at camp?

Jamie: At school we have this nature trail and we like to go on nature walks. I know that Marley enjoys nature so I thought she would love camp. I also thought she would enjoy hanging out together and bonding with my camp friends.

Marley: I was also looking for another camp to go and a lot of my school friends were coming here. They kept asking me, “Hey, why don’t you come and enjoy the pack?” So I thought, “Okay, sure!”


Overall, do you think you’re better friends because of camp?

Marley: For sure, because we’ve been together 24/7.

Jamie: And when I wasn’t feeling well, she was there for me.


When you’re home, and you look back at camp, what are you going to remember the most?

Jamie: Since we’ve been living together for 24 hours a day, it’s going to be different when we’re back at home and at school when we’ll only be seeing each other for six hours a day.

Marley: For me, going back home and back to school is going to be more work. Here, we don’t have to do any schoolwork, it’s just fun. Next year I can’t wait to come back for six weeks!