Blog  Celebrating Inclusiveness for Everyone on Shabbat

Celebrating Inclusiveness for Everyone on Shabbat

By Mati Kirschenbaum, Director of Education

This past Shabbat, we celebrated this session’s annual Pride Shabbat at Camp George. We began marking Pride Shabbat two years ago and its celebration has already turned into one of our traditions.

The Celebration of Pride Shabbat expresses our commitment to making our Camp a place where LGBTQ+ campers can not only feel safe and welcome, but also thrive. However, our Pride Shabbat does not focus exclusively on LGBTQ+ issues. Instead, we choose to celebrate the diversity of our campers.

Each of our campers comes to Camp with their distinctive, multifaceted identity; with their unique talents and challenges. At Camp George, we are proud of all the ways in which each of our campers enriches our camp community. During Pride Shabbat, we want them to feel how proud we are of them. By doing so, we encourage them to be proud of who they are, and to aspire to be their best selves.