Blog  The Swim Test: Preparing campers for fun in the water

The Swim Test: Preparing campers for fun in the water

By Alex Wasser, Head of Waterfront

It’s the first day of camp. You’re excited, you see your friends, you pull up to the Camp George sign, and almost immediately you are welcomed by the shores of Maple Lake.

Unique to the Canadian URJ camping experience, Camp George is proud of our beautiful waterfront. When campers come down to the water for the first time, we want to make sure that all activities we have to offer are accessible to all campers. No matter their age, gender or skill level, Camp George lifeguards welcome swimmers from a variety of backgrounds.

The swim test is an opportunity for campers and staff to dip their toes in Maple Lake for the first time. Starting with a front roll and ending with treading, our lifeguards are ensuring that when campers go to the waterfront, whether it be for waterskiing. sailing, paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, or just enjoying a free swim,  they have the basic skills to enjoy themselves while staying safe. With accommodations such as lifejackets, and counselor assistance, we have the goal to have all campers and staff pass the swim test and have the opportunity to try a new water skill during their time at camp.

Swimming lessons, water ski, sailing, and paddle are the amazing activities offered during Summer 2019.  With passing the swim test campers are presented with opportunities to try all of these activities during their time on Maple Lake. If they have never been sailing before, or if they are experienced skiers, our team of waterfront staff are trained in their specialty to teach campers the basics and advanced skills.


We encourage campers to try and complete their swim levels at camp to improve their skillset and comfort level in the lake. So when packing for visitors day or packing for camp in August, make sure your campers are coming with lots of swimsuits, towels and sunscreen so that they too can have a blast on Maple Lake.