Blog  A Bittersweet Moment in My Camp Career

A Bittersweet Moment in My Camp Career

By: Daniel Borins, Alumnus

Stepping into the lodge this past Sunday felt very strange. It had been a year since I had worked as a unit head for summer 2018, but it also felt like I had never left. I thought that I would just start working on programming for the Lehavot unit again as if nothing had changed.

I knew that I would not be able to commit to another full summer at camp, but was ecstatic when KK asked if I could come help out the Nitzotzot unit head for staff week while her assistant was finishing up her studies in Australia. Just to be up here for a week is special. Nothing beats getting to spend time with your friends every day and going through the daily routine that has been a huge part of my life for many summers. I loved seeing many of the old faces on the Hanhallah team taking on their roles with enthusiasm, and also liked seeing some of my friends step into Hanhallah roles for the first time. While I am sad that I can’t lead a unit again, I am also happy to see someone else get the opportunity to lead and put their own spin onto their unit.

It’s also great to see how hard all the staff are working. Everyone is so determined to learn and plan for a fantastic summer while having fun at the same time. It’s also great to see all the new staff from all over the world get to experience camp for the first time, and see how welcoming all the returning staff are.

This week is a bittersweet moment in my camp career. After 13 unbelievable summers, I know that this staff week will be the last time for a while that I will be able to walk up and down the big hill, have fun conversations at the chadar (dining hall) tables, and go for spontaneous dips in the refreshing Maple Lake. I am going to miss being a part of camp, but am also looking forward to when I can come up as a camp doctor in the not too distant future!