Blog  Introducing Kochavim Assistant Unit Head Bryanna Feldman

Introducing Kochavim Assistant Unit Head Bryanna Feldman

Hey Camp George!

My name is Bryanna and I am super excited to be returning to camp as the Kochavim Assistant Unit Head! This will be my 11th summer at Camp George and I cannot imagine spending my summers anywhere else!

Camp is truly a place where I have grown up and a place that I am lucky enough to call my summer home. When I first walked off the bus in youngest Lehavot I was a super shy 9 -year-old who clung onto my two best friends. As the summer progressed I instantly fell in love with camp and have never left. Within the two weeks that I spent at Camp George that summer I tried things that I never would have been able to try anywhere else, got over many of my fears such as being scared of the lake and made lasting friendships that have kept me coming back to camp year after year. At the end of that summer I came home with endless amounts of stories to tell my parents and began counting down the days until I could step foot on Maple Lake once again. Each summer I have continued to learn new things about myself, strengthen friendships and continue to have the time of my life.

For the past three summers, I have had the incredible opportunity of giving my campers the same experiences that my staff gave me years before. The past three years as a Lehavot counselor have been the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences that I would never trade. Whether it’s my campers first summer at camp or whether they have been attending camp for numerous summers already I have loved being able to foster more memories and friendships that I know will last them a lifetime. From the time I was a camper, I always dreamt of being a staff member. Now with three summers as a counselor behind me, I cannot wait to put more of my leadership abilities to the test this summer and not only be a role model for one cabin but for a whole unit. I am excited to take on the role of Assistant Unit Head and staff in Kochavim for the very first time.

It’s crazy to think about where I am now compared to where I started as a first-year staff member and to see how far I have come. Throughout the last three summers I have been able to grow as a leader, enhance my programming skills and create an inclusive and safe environment for both staff and campers. To this day there is nowhere else I would rather spend my summers and I plan on staying at camp for as long as I can. You can continue to find me on Maple Lake with the biggest smile on my face, backpack full of activities and with an immense amount of energy ready to begin each day. Whether I am sharing in the magic of song session, dancing around camp with my campers or participating in all the activity periods, there is not a more fitting place for me.

Outside of camp I am entering my third year at Wilfrid Laurier University where I am majoring in Communications and minoring in Criminology. This coming year I will be a Residence Life Don and cannot wait to create an impactful University experience for first year students. I believe that my time at Camp George has helped prepare me for this role and I could not be more grateful.

The last 10 years that I have spent at camp have truly shaped me into who I am today and I cannot wait to see what new adventures this summer brings. Looking forward to seeing you on Maple Lake!