Blog  Introducing Nitzotzot Assistant Unit Head Jess Shindler-Glass

Introducing Nitzotzot Assistant Unit Head Jess Shindler-Glass

Hi Camp George,

Before the summer of 2016, my brother informed me that I had to experience a summer on Maple Lake as he had had such an incredible time for the past two years. I decided to take the advice from him, and before I knew it I was placed in my first cabin, an older Nitzotzot girls cabin. Though the first summer seems like ages ago now, it was the beginning of my Camp George journey, which I returned to in 2017. Again, I was staff in Nitzotzot cabins all summer and realised that I’d love an opportunity to get to know Nitz as a unit rather than only a singular cabin. Returning this year as the Nitz assistant unit head, I’m really looking forward to working with Danielle to create a great summer for all of the campers and staff we have the privilege to look after.

There are many joys as a staff in Nitz, especially watching many of the campers overcome any fears they may have, whether it be conquering camp activities such as the ropes course, or overcoming worries about meeting their new cabin, many of whom will become friends for life. I’m very excited about spending time with the cabins on the tennis court and on the waterfront, and hopefully the campers will have their best summer yet. Hopefully theme days and evening programmes will bring the unit together, so that all of the campers get to know everyone in the unit, and will experience their future years at camp as a close-knit community.

Outside of camp, I’ve spent the past year studying abroad in Wollongong, Australia, just south of Sydney. It has been a wonderful chance to understand what life is like down under, as well as seeing how my university course of Psychology is different on the other side of the world. It’s also been a great time to travel and experience the Aboriginal culture in Australia, which has such a rich history, as well as travelling to Fiji which allowed me to experience a completely new way of life. As we have spoken on camp about Canada’s First Nations people, it’s been fascinating to learn about the parallels across the world.

I’ve also been welcomed into the Jewish community over here, and so I’m looking forward to bringing a similar community feeling back with all of the camp Shabbats this summer which is one of the best parts of camp that I’ve missed greatly.

As I couldn’t come back to camp last year, returning after a break of a summer, I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone and returning to Camp George to have an another amazing year on Maple Lake!