Blog  Introducing C.I.T. Assistant Unit Head Emily Baron

Introducing C.I.T. Assistant Unit Head Emily Baron

Hey Camp George! I’m so excited to be writing my first Camp George Blog and am thrilled to be going home to CG as the Assistant Unit Head for the C.I.T.’s this summer. This will be my 11th summer at CG. It all started with the Windsor bus and the L8 Smarties in 2009. Right away, I was hooked.

Here is a little about me; I just finished my sophomore year at the University of Michigan. I am majoring in Sociology and am minoring in Entrepreneurship. Go Blue! My friends and family are what is most important to me and I am very thankful for their love and support in everything I do. Being that I am from Michigan and the majority of my camp friends are from areas in Canada, I would countdown the days until I got to run into their arms again. The 7 hour bus ride was definitely worth it to have that moment every year.

Going to camp has shaped me into the person I am today. The lessons I have learned at camp as a camper and counselor have helped me in relationships, personal life, and I learn more every year I return to camp. One of my favorite parts of camp has always been Shabbat. I get the chills every Shabbat when I am surrounded my by friends, arms around each other, singing the CG song. Camp George is where I am most connected to my Jewish identity and I am thankful to be able to call it my home away from home. I value the relationships I have made and truly believe that my connections to people at Camp George are unlike any other. As a camper, I always admired my staff and am actually still in touch with some of them today. I update them on my life and ask them for advice too. I am proud to have fostered these relationships and I’m so excited that I will be working with one of my staff role models for the first time this summer.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be part of a unit leadership team, and this summer I finally will be! In 2015, I went to camp for the whole summer for my first time. It was my C.I.T. summer and undoubtedly my favorite year at camp. I am thrilled to be working with the C.I.T.’s this summer and hope to make their experience as memorable and impactful as mine was. C.I.T. summer is different than any other. As a unit we create a special community and grow as a whole as we work together on many projects. It’s a new and exciting experience. I am looking forward to teaching the C.I.T.’s what I have learned over my years, laughing with them every day, and going on the C.I.T. Ottawa trip together. I cannot imagine spending my summer anywhere but on Maple Lake.

As I’ve said before, and I’m happy to say again – Gotta get back to George!