Blog  Introducing Office Manager Becky Rubenstein

Introducing Office Manager Becky Rubenstein

Shalom Camp George!!

My name is Becky Rubenstein and for the second year in a row I will be the Office Manager at Camp George. That means, I am the voice of Camp George. If you call or email during the summer, most likely you will speak with me!

I absolutely love this “behind the scenes” job at camp. Not only do I get to see what everyone is doing at camp, but I can interact with staff, parents and campers alike.

Last year was my first ever experience at a Jewish sleepaway camp. I had done day camps when I was growing up but this experience was one in a million. I met new friends, learned new skills and gained a sense of freedom and joy. I loved being surrounded by people who were just like me.

This year will be even better! I know what to expect and I have already started working on paperwork to get the summer started! I am super excited to see what the Summer of 2019 will show us at Camp George!