Blog  Introducing C.I.T. Director Brian Rybak

Introducing C.I.T. Director Brian Rybak

Hello Camp George! I’m very excited to be returning for my 2nd summer at Camp George as the C.I.T. Director. I have spent the better part of the past 35 years attending a variety of overnight camps and day camps, as a camper, specialist, unit head and in my current role. Here’s a bit about who I am, my history at camp, and some of what I do to keep busy during my time away from Maple Lake.

Working at Camp George was a dream come true! I have wanted to return to overnight camp for years, and to do it at Camp George, with my own children, is the best way I know to spend the summer months. During the year away from camp, I am a secondary school Physical Education and Geography teacher in York Region. I am completing my 17th year of teaching, and I learn something new every day! As you can see, working with teenagers, the leaders of tomorrow, is a passion of mine! Many of the skills I have learned and developed in my years as a parent and teacher have greatly assisted me with directing the C.I.T.s and helping them develop the skills they will need to become the future staff of camp!

I am also fortunate to attend camp with my daughters. My eldest daughter will be attending her 5th summer at camp as a Kochavim camper. My younger daughter will be attending her first full session as a Nitzotzot camper, after spending time in the Mini Mensch program the past couple of summers, which is supervised by my wife Heidi! We are a camp family and cherish the memories that we make while at Maple Lake! Knowing the lifelong impact camp has had on me, watching my daughters thoroughly enjoy every day they are at George is a privilege most parents do not get to see.

I am extremely excited to return for my 2nd summer at Camp George and watch my past C.I.T.’s begin their path as staff, while preparing the staff of tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing all of you on Maple Lake in the summer of 2019!