Blog  Introducing Kochavim Unit Head Julia Helfman

Introducing Kochavim Unit Head Julia Helfman

Hello Camp George! I am thrilled to be sharing my first ever blog post as Camp’s Kochavim Unit Head for Summer 2019!

This will be my 12th summer at URJ Camp George. In 2007, my parents dropped me off at the camp bus stop, not knowing anyone and I’ve never looked back.

I am currently a junior at SUNY Cortland. My major is Inclusive Education with a concentration in Mathematics. I hope to one day have a classroom of my own teaching 3rd grade. I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher ever since I was young. Working at camp as a staff member for the past 4 years has only made this feeling grow stronger. Throughout my summers at camp, I have been a Nitzotzot and Lehavot counselor and the Assistant Unit Head for Kochavim. All of my past positions have helped prepare me to be the Rosh Edah for Kochavim this summer.

Camp is a huge part of my life; it has made me the person I am today. Going to camp for 11 years has taught me many lessons, some might be silly, but others are extremely important and helped build my true character. Everyone says that when I smile for a camp photo, I have the biggest genuine smile. There is no place I rather call my second home. Camp George has given life-long friendships and experiences that have truly been transformative in shaping my identity. I gathered my independence at this camp, my leadership skills are challenged, and my personality shines. Everyone always tells me that being a camp counselor is what I was meant to do. I do feel like I have a passion for it, and maybe it’s because I act like a kid at camp or that I want the kids to have the best summers like I did.

Every summer, my main goal is to give the kids the best summer of their lives with new memories and new friendships. I had so many great opportunities as a camper, and I want to do the same for my campers. Every day, I wake up with a whole new burst of energy and a smile on my face, with the mindset that campers will face their fears and try new things. Seeing how hard other staff members work to achieve the same goal inspires me.

My advice to everyone coming to camp this summer; is to live in the moment because it feels like camp is over in the blink of an eye. When there are only a few weeks to cram in the memories that will last a lifetime, every second matters. I try to turn everything into a dance party, I live for the theme days, I say “yes” to activities that I wouldn’t have the option to do at home, and most importantly I take in all of Maple Lake because I only get it for the summer.

For those reasons you can always find me on Maple Lake each summer. I couldn’t imagine not going to camp. I am 20 years old and I will try to go to camp for as long as possible.

I can’t wait to share my summer with many of you on Maple Lake!