Blog  Introducing Assistant Director Michael Marks

Introducing Assistant Director Michael Marks

Hello Camp George! I’m very excited to be sharing my first official blog post as Camp’s new Assistant Director. Camp has been my summer home for most of my life and I’m so excited to now be joining Jeff, KK and Josh on the fulltime team. Here’s a bit about who I am, my history at camp, and some of what I’ve been up to in my time away from Maple Lake.

I started my camp life in 2002 as a nervous and curious Nitzotzot camper. I spent those three and a half weeks, like many young campers do, flipping between homesickness and having the time of my life. While most of the details of that summer are now a blur, I remember the feeling as I boarded the bus to go home of wishing that camp could go on forever. As I grew up and returned summer after summer, camp became a place where I was able to try for the first time, many of the things that continue to bring joy to my life. From my first musical performance to my first portage, camp allowed me to explore my interests and expand my comfort zone. I am so excited to have the opportunity to help shape those experiences for the next generation of campers.

Throughout my summers on staff at camp, I’ve been fortunate to take on a variety of roles. After starting with three summers on the sail docks, I went on to be an Assistant Unit Head with the CITs, the Rosh Edah for Lehavot, the Waterfront Director, and even had a brief stint as the driver. My most recent summers as a Unit Head and Waterfront Director, were very impactful for me. I was inspired by the hard work our staff put in and enjoyed seeing their confidence grow as they honed their skills. Supporting and mentoring staff and guiding them to create memorable experiences for their campers, helped spark and stoke my interest in youth programming and outdoor education. In pursuit of these interests, I spent the last year working as an instructor at The Boundless School, an organization dedicated to empowering youth through outdoor experiential education. My work at Boundless connected me to some amazing educators, mentors and river guides, and through the experience I picked up so many skills and strategies that I am excited to put to work at camp.

Regardless of age or role, there is so much to be learned with every summer spent at camp and I know that this new position will be full of exciting opportunities and challenges. I’m looking forward to getting to know campers and their families and working with the incredible and dedicated staff teams that come together every year. I can’t wait to see many of you on Maple Lake this Summer!