Blog  Meet Asaf, a Summer 2019 Shinshin

Meet Asaf, a Summer 2019 Shinshin

Summer 2019 is getting closer! In the mean time, we’d like to introduce you to Asaf – one of our summer 2019 staff who is a shinshin in Toronto right now.

Shinshinim, are Israeli’s who are completing what’s called a “Year of Service” before entering the Israeli army. Instead of going directly to the army after high school, these emissaries come to Toronto and work in the Jewish community, teaching students about Israeli life and culture and of course about Hebrew! At the end of the school year, the Shinshinim are placed at a Jewish summer camp to complete their Year of Service. Check out our interview with Asaf below!


Where in Israel are you from?

“Givat Ada, it’s a small agricultural village right next to Caesarea.”

Where’s one place in Israel everyone should visit?

“The Negev, it has amazing natural landscapes and trekking trails.”

Where are you working in Toronto?

“I am working at Bialik Hebrew day school (south campus) and at Temple Sinai.” 

What are your hobbies?

“I love swimming and graphic design.”

What has surprised you about living in Toronto?

“The city has such a wide range of people and foods, it’s a unique experience.”

What has it been like living with your host families?

“It’s amazing! They are like my second family and help me feel at home.”

What’s your favorite food that you’ve tried in Canada?

“Definitely that maple toffee you make in the snow.”

What Israeli food do you miss the most?

“Israeli cottage cheese, the Canadian one just isn’t the same.”

What are you most looking forward to about coming to camp this summer?

“Connecting with the staff and having an amazing summer with the kids!”

What’s your favourite new English word that you’ve learned (and why)?

“The Canadian “Eh” at the end of every sentence.”

How are you finding the Canadian winter experience?

“It’s an adventure, I’ve only experience it for one winter so I’m trying to remember spring will come eventually.”

What’s on your Canadian “bucket list”?

“Tobogganing and snow tubing are already crossed off,  I still have to go to Niagara falls and go maple tapping.”

What’s your favourite Jewish holiday and why?

“Shavuot, I love the cheesy foods.”

What is a hidden talent you have?

“I’m an actor and love theatre.”

What has been the same/ different about being Jewish in Toronto?

“The biggest difference is that everything is open on shabbat!”

Anything else?

“I can’t wait for summer! Only a few months to go.”