Blog  A Reflection on Asher Yatzar

A Reflection on Asher Yatzar

By: Summer 2018 camper, Erika

Asher Yatzar is a prayer thanking God for creating us in his image. During services we sing: “I’m perfect the way I am and a little broken too.” I love this line because even though there are parts of us we might not like, they are still part of us and who we are. The parts we don’t like add to what makes us human, beautiful and whole.

Next, we sing: “I will live each day as a gift I give to you.” And I think this means that even though life can be hard, we still try and live for other people, like family, friends and maybe even a stranger. As long as you can keep trying and if you have people who you can be yourself with, your broken parts don’t matter as much.