Blog  Meet Yuval, a Summer 2019 Shinshin

Meet Yuval, a Summer 2019 Shinshin

Summer 2019 is getting closer! In the mean time, we’d like to introduce you to Yuval – one of our summer 2019 staff who is a shinshin in Toronto right now.

Shinshinim, are Israeli’s who are completing what’s called a “Year of Service” before entering the Israeli army. Instead of going directly to the army after high school, these emissaries come to Toronto and work in the Jewish community, teaching students about Israeli life and culture and of course about Hebrew! At the end of the school year, the Shinshinim are placed at a Jewish summer camp to complete their Year of Service. Check out our interview with Yuval below!

Where in Israel are you from? Where’s one place in Israel everyone should visit?

“My name is Yuval Govrin, I was born and raised in an agricultural town called Even Yehuda, it is in the northern part of the center of Israel, very close to the sea. In my opinion this area is one of the best areas in Israel, but if there is a place everybody should see when they come to Israel, is the Golan Heights. This area is a break from the non-stop pace of Tel Aviv, the perfect place to enjoy tranquil parks, gardens, museums, galleries, vineyards and so much more as you explore the many sites scattered throughout the Golan Heights.

Where are you working in Toronto and what’s the best part of your job?

“I work at Leo Baeck North day school and at Temple Har Zion synagogue and in the scouts. The best part of the job is running the activities – when we play with the kids.”

What are your hobbies?

“I love learning history, playing the piano and doing sports.”

What has it been like living with your host families?

“I lived with the Bacher’s for 5 months, and it was amazing! Playing Mario Kart, watching all of the Harry Potter films, making them my great shakshuka and more! It was a great experience.”

Have you ever been to or worked at a summer camp before? (If yes) What was your favourite part of the experience?

“I have never gone to a camp like this. Starting in Grade 4 I’ve gone to the Tzofim (scouts) camp in Israel but it is very different. In Israel we build huge structures with wood, bamboo and ropes. If you are curious come and ask me about it!”

What are you most looking forward to about coming to camp this summer?

“I am really looking forward to the lake, I love watersports!” 

Before moving here, had you ever been to Canada before?

“I went to the Rockies 12 years ago but this year in Canada is a full new experience, a cold one!”

What’s your favourite Jewish holiday and why?

“My favorite holiday is Hanukkah, for many reasons, but the most important reasons are the fascinating story behind Hanukkah and the Sufganiyot.