Blog  12 Awesome Things About Our Staff

12 Awesome Things About Our Staff

We are so lucky to have such incredible counselors and specialists here at Camp George! From creating awesome programs to being someone to lean on, these staff members are integral to our campers’ experiences. Here’s what the second session campers of N2 had to say about their staff members – Sonja, Eve, Thea, Rotem, Leah, and Daisy:

  1. They’re really nice.
  2. They sing us songs and play guitar to help us fall asleep.
  3. They help us try new things when we’re scared to, but they never make us do anything we’re uncomfortable with.
  4. They do our hair.
  5. They say “goodnight” to us.
  6. They help us clean our cabin and organize our stuff.
  7. They do activities with us.
  8. They teach us how to ride bikes.
  9. If we need help, we always get it.
  10. They always have positive things to say and encourage us.
  11. They’re really cool, fun, and amazing.
  12. They make us feel happy.
  13. (Because 12 just wasn’t enough!) They’re the best staff in the entire world.