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A Favourite Camp Experience

As the summer came to an end, we thought we’d talk to some campers to see what one of their favourite experiences was from this summer! Here is what Rebecca and Halle in L4 had to say:

Halle: “Our favourite experience was the island adventure. It was SO fun! I really liked how we got to spend lots of time getting to meet the girls in L2.”

Rebecca: “And there was a fire ban, so instead of roasting marshmallows we got a s’mores casserole with marshmallows, graham cracker, and melted chocolate!”

Halle: “We ate it on the rock by the water. It was really fun.”

Rebecca: “The next morning we ate bagels for breakfast and we got to watch the sun fully rise, it was really pretty.”

Halle: “And then, we got to bond in the tent a little, and we got to sit and talk on the rock… and we got to get to know each other really well, and we got to know the L2 girls because we were just meeting them for real.”

Rebecca: “Jacob Dicker, the Head of Adventure, was very helpful and he brought us a bunch of stuff and he barbecued our hot dogs!  Then we kind of made fishing poles with string and a stick, but it didn’t really work. The minnows were scared.”

Halle: “We had a really great time!!”