Blog  Recognizing Outstanding Staff Leaders with the Sam Award: Sam Gencher

Recognizing Outstanding Staff Leaders with the Sam Award: Sam Gencher

Each season, two of our summer staff are honoured with the prestigious Sam Award. This award, which was named in honour of past benefactor and committee chair Sam Reisman, was first given in 2007. It is presented to two Camp George staff members who best exemplify the embodiment of Jewish values, dedication, hard work and the performance of good deeds. Our staff members have the opportunity to nominate their peers, and the final awards are voted on by our summer leadership team.

In addition to having their names inscribed on a plaque in our camp office, our winners are invited to sit on our Camp Committee and choose a charitable organization of their choice which camp donates to in their honour.

This summer, we were thrilled when Jess Star and Sam Gencher were honoured as our Sam award winners. Today we’re sharing more about the charitable organization that Sam has chosen to donate to:

“I would like to donate to Save a Child’s Heart (SACH). Save a Child’s Heart is an Israeli organization that provides and improves the quality and accessibility of cardiac care for children in developing countries.

Firstly, I would like to donate to this organization because it is an important initiative that saves hundreds of children a year. As of February of this year, SACH has brought over 3,200 children from over 45 different developing countries and nations to receive lifesaving treatment in Israel. Furthermore, I wish to donate to this organization as a proud supporter of Israel and the Israeli mission of helping humanity both within and outside Israeli borders. Lastly, throughout the summer I worked alongside others to coordinate the Camp George B’Libeniu Move-A-Thon; a fundraiser that raises money for Save a Child’s Heart. This year. we raised several thousand dollars. That experience was both humbling and inspiring. Considering all this, it only seems right that a donation on my behalf goes towards Save a Child’s Heart.”