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By: Camp George Director of Development & Parent Steve Greenwood

Dear Camp George community,

It’s that time of year again…our annual Camp George Scholarship Campaign. (Mark your calendars for May 27th, 31st & June 6th.) On these nights, our amazing steering committee, alumni and camper parent volunteers come together to make calls and send emails to raise funds towards giving campers the opportunity to attend Camp George. With your contribution, you can know that you’re giving every child who wants to spend a summer on Maple Lake the opportunity.

In honour of 20th season, our theme this year is “My Camp George STORY.” Beginning tomorrow, we will be sharing Camp George STORIES – one from each of our 19 seasons – from our staff, our faculty, our camper families, and our alumni. We all love Camp stories! Our Camp George stories will give you a glimpse of the many accomplishments, milestones, and successes that have occurred over our 19 summers. We look forward to sharing these stories with you. If you have your own story that you wish to share, we encourage you to do so by emailing us at We also encourage you to share and comment on our posts and use #MyCampGeorgeStory.

We are so proud of the many, many Camp George STORIES. We hope you’ll enjoy those you see and share your own too. Keep in mind that every gift of camp scholarship means more Camp George STORIES.

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