Blog  Meet Noa, a Summer 2018 Shinshin

Meet Noa, a Summer 2018 Shinshin

Summer 2018 is getting closer! In the mean time, we’d like to introduce you to Noa – one of our summer 2018 staff who is a shinshin in Toronto right now.

Shinshinim, are Israeli’s who are completing what’s called a “Year of Service” before entering the Israeli army. Instead of going directly to the army after high school, these emissaries come to Toronto and work in the Jewish community, teaching students about Israeli life and culture and of course about Hebrew! At the end of the school year, the Shinshinim are placed at a Jewish summer camp to complete their Year of Service. Check out our interview with Noa below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Noa:“I’m from Herzliya, a city next to Tel Aviv.”

Where’s one place in Israel everyone should visit?

Noa:“Tel Aviv is a really cool place to visit, there are a lot of interesting people, sites and of course, the beach is great.”

Where are you working in Toronto and what’s the best part of your job?

Noa:“I’m working at Bialik HBD and Temple Sinai. The best part of my job is the personal connection with the students.”

What are your hobbies?

Noa: “My hobbies are dancing, reading and hanging out with my friends.”

What has surprised you about living in Toronto?

Noa: “Something that has surprised me is that people stand in a line when they want to get on the bus.”

What has it been like living with your host families?

Noa: “Living with the host family has been one of the best parts of this year, we have become really close, like a real family.”

Have you ever been to or worked at a camp before? (If yes) What was your favourite part of the experience?

Noa: “I’ve been a counselor in the scouts and every year we have had a summer camp for 10 days. My favourite part of the camp was getting to hang out with the kids.”

What’s your favourite food that you’ve tried in Canada?

Noa: “My favourite food that I have tried in Canada is Maple Syrup lollipops.”

What Israeli food do you miss the most?

Noa: “The food I’ve missed the most is Krembo, an Israeli snack.”

What are you most looking forward to about coming to camp this summer?

Noa: “I’m looking forward to meeting everybody.”


What’s on your “Canadian bucket list”?

Noa: “On my “Canadian bucket list”, I would like to go to a Raptors game, Leaf game, snow tubing and camp.”

What’s your favourite Jewish holiday and why?

Noa: “My favourite Jewish holiday is Passover because all the families gather together. Especially this year because my family is coming to visit me in Toronto.”