How long are the camp sessions?
There are two 3 1/2 week sessions plus 14- and 17-day sessions for our campers in grades 2, 3, 4 and 5. We offer a 7- and 10-day option for campers in grades 2 & 3 during each of our sessions. We also offer a 17-day session for campers in grades 6 and 7 ONLY during our Second Session. Campers also have the option of registering for the Full Season. Visit our dates and fees page for more detailed information.

Who comes to our camp?
While a great many of our campers and staff members come from the greater Toronto area, we have representation from all over the Northeast Lakes, as well as from the United States and overseas. Many of our campers are members of Reform Jewish synagogues, but many are Conservative, or are not affiliated. Campers range from ages of 8 to 17 and are entering grades 2-12. Camp George strives to embody the “audacious hospitality” of the Reform Movement. Campers and staff members from families of all kinds–including those with interfaith, same-sex or single parents–or those who identify as LGBTQ all feel welcomed and at home with us.

At Camp George, we respect and celebrate everyone’s ways of identifying themselves. The make-up of the URJ and our programs is as diverse as our population, therefore our communities represent the vibrant and colourful fabric that makes up the Reform Jewish population. Our programs are designed for everyone in our community from LGBTQ to campers with single, same sex or interfaith parents, to people of colour. We hope that our campers and staff strengthen their self-esteem, Jewish identity, and connection to the Jewish community through the supportive nature of our people, staff, and programs.

How does my child’s luggage get to camp?
Campers from the Toronto area drop off their luggage at our luggage truck a few days prior to the start of the session (in Toronto). Out-of- town campers may bring their luggage to the camper buses on departure day. Luggage is delivered by our staff to the camper cabins. Luggage drop off details will be available in the spring.

Can I call/email/fax my child at camp?
Although we encourage you to write letters, you can also email through your CampInTouch account. Parents cannot call their child at camp but can contact the camp at any time to get an update on their child’s progress.  The camp’s professional team will be in touch should any concerns arise.

Can my child call/email/fax home?
Campers from outside of Ontario can communicate home via letters which our office scans and emails to you. Parents can also take adavantage of our Bunk Notes system and purchase Camp Stamps and request a letter by reply email. These letters are scanned and emailed to you through the CampInTouch system. Campers cannot call home. Campers who are celebrating a birthday while in session will have the chance to call home for a special birthday call.

Can I send packages?
Campers cannot receive packages. Flat mail is the only camper mail accepted.

Can I visit camp?
Typically we offer a Visitor’s Day each session. Out of an abundance of caution, Visitor’s Day is not being planned for 2021. We look forward to welcoming our families back to camp in a future summer. If you are looking to schedule a tour of camp, please contact the camp office.

Can my child leave camp?
Campers cannot leave camp at any time without the permission of the Camp Director. Arrangements are made at the discretion of the Director for special circumstances such as family weddings and B’nai mitzvah. These opportunities may be more limited during Summer 2021 due to COVID restrictions.

What if I need to cancel my registration?
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details on our cancellation policy for 2021.

What should I pack for my child?
Clothes for camp should be durable, inexpensive, and informal. Warm weather clothing and rain gear are essential. The only time campers “dress up” is on Shabbat. Our Camper and Parent Handbook, which is published and mailed in the Spring, outlines in detail what one should pack for camp. Detailed packing information will be available in the Spring.

Is there camp laundry?
Camp laundry is done once a week by an out-of-camp laundry service. Each camper receives a personal laundry bag at the beginning of the session. Each camper’s laundry is done separately. The camp fee includes laundry.

What is available at the camp tuck shop?
The camp tuck shop provides snacks (potato chips, chocolate bars, candy, granola bars, etc.) and drinks (juice, water, pop). Campers are able to access the tuck shop three times per week and can choose one food item and one drink. While campers can choose from any item in the tuck shop two times a week, during one tuck day they are limited to healthier choices. Tuck is included as part of the camp fee.

How can I best prepare my child for a first camp experience?
It is important that if your child is a first time camper they be prepared for their camp experience. Teaching your child how to make a bed, folding their clothes and showering will help your child adjust to camp life. Be sure to talk to your child about camp and discuss any concerns your child may have. Feel free to contact the camp if there are issues you would like to discuss further with us.

What should I NOT send with my child to camp?
Food and candy, expensive clothing, and items that are valuable or sentimental are all best left at home. Hotpots, kettles, electric appliances, cell phones, computers, TVs, DVD/Video players, candles, matches, and knives are all strictly forbidden at camp and will be confiscated. For a more complete list, please refer to the Family Handbook.

What kind of medical facilities does camp have?
Camp has a full-time doctor and two full-time nurses on staff throughout the summer. Our infirmary dispenses medications 4 x/day and has a scheduled “sick call” each day. Camp is located 20 minutes from the West Parry Sound Hospital.

What if my child takes regular medications?
Regular medications are distributed through the infirmary 4 x/day. Our medical staff team will ensure that your child receives his/her medication as required. Camp does have a policy against medication vacations while at Camp. If you have any concerns please contact the Camp office to discuss further.

How do I make bunk requests for my child?
In order to make a request, parents are asked to fill out up to two requests on the Camper Information Form distributed in the Spring. Requests must be children who are in the same grade. Although we try to ensure that each camper is bunked with their requests, we guarantee that they will be with at least one request (assuming the request is in the same grade). Please know that the bunk assignments we make are done so in the best interest of all campers and cabin make-ups are diversified summer to summer.

Where will my child live?
Campers live in one of our spacious cabins that include full bathrooms, shelving, storage, and bunk or single beds. Each of our four cabin villages have 4-7 camper cabins.

How long does it take to drive to camp from Toronto?
Camp is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes from Toronto.

My child is a picky eater. What kind of menu items does camp offer?
Our menu is wide-ranging and nutritious. We serve everything from hamburgers, pasta, chicken, submarines, and grilled cheese to dairy sandwiches. Breakfast includes a breakfast bar (granola, yogurt, fruit, hard boiled eggs) and every lunch and dinner includes a salad bar. Soy butter and jam plus other food alternatives are always available. A vegetarian option and lactose-free meal are also available for those who indicate such food restrictions on their camp medical form. We can accommodate many other dietary restrictions within reason. Please be in touch with the Camp office if your child has dietary needs you would like to discuss.

Do campers get to choose the activities they want to participate in?
Our campers move through the different activity areas as cabin groups. Our goal is to provide a well-balanced program for each child. Cabins can request specialty areas they want to spend more time.  Older campers (12-15 years) participate in “chugim” – specialized activities they choose. Each session, Kochavim and Barak campers participate in three chugim, of six consecutive-day blocks. Lehavot (9-11 years) will have a few individual choice activity opportunities each week.

How many campers are in each cabin?
On average, each cabin has 12 to 15 campers.

How many staff are in each cabin?
Younger campers have a minimum of three cabin counselors while our older campers have a minimum of two counselors. Our specialty staff also plays a major role in each cabin. Up to four specialty staff live in each cabin and share in the staff responsibilities of the cabin.

How do you select and train your staff?
Many of our staff have grown up as campers and Counselors-in-Training at Camp George. Our staff are carefully selected through a hiring process which includes an intensive interview, reference checks, and a background check screening. Our staff participate in a 6-day training session run by senior camp staff and professionals from the community.

What is included as part of the Camper Activity Fee?
The Camper Activity Fee is included in the regular Camp fees. It includes tuck, a cabin photo, a camper t-shirt, laundry, and round-trip transportation from Toronto.

Does my child need to be immunized?
Yes, the Union for Reform Judaism requires that all camp and travel program participants, staff and faculty must be immunized. For more information, read the URJ Policy Statement on Vaccine Status.