There are many different options when it comes to giving back to Camp George. Take a look below to see how giving best fits for you.

Make a pledge
If you would like to make a donation and pay it in installments, rather than a lump sum, you can do so by making a pledge. To be eligible for tax benefits for THIS year, make your contribution by December 31st. To make a pledge, or get more information, please contact us.

Monthly Giving
If you would like to provide monthly support to families in need to support them in affording camp for their children. Your contribution ensures that future campers will be able to experience the joys of Camp George. Your recurring gift will automatically be charged to your credit card, and will be a dependable source of support on which Camp George can rely throughout the year. For more information, please contact us.

Corporate Gifts
Many companies operate a method of philanthropy by way of donating to causes that are meaningful to their employees and/or align with their corporate giving strategies. Check with your human resources department to see how your company might make a contribution towards your support to Camp George.

Employer Matching Gifts
Many employers offer match programs for donations. Check with your human resources department to see how you can increase your support to Camp George.

For more information about this type of gift, please contact us.

Wish List
Help support Camp George by purchasing an item on our Wish List. This might be a way to connect to area of camp particularly meaningful to you and offer to our campers, but cannot be purchased due to budgetary constraints.