On behalf of the URJ and Camp George, thank you for your support! Your commitment and generosity has a powerful, positive effect on our campers and staff. Our camps transform those who partake in this immersive experience and thus, work to create a new and vital future for the entire Jewish community.

Below are some words from families about the impact camp has on their lives:

"My daughter just completed her fourth season at Camp George. I continue to be inspired by the level of professionalism and commitment of your staff. Her stories reflect a most enjoyable time with her friends and the incredible staff, meaningful activities, the learning and development of many skills, and an awareness and appreciation of her heritage in ways she may not receive in other areas of her life…”
Camp George Parent

"From my perspective, the best part of my granddaughter's Camp George experience is the continuation and nourishment of her connection with Judaism and a feeling that she has a home in the Jewish community.” 
—Camp George Grandparent

"Eric and Alex LOVED camp so much. They came home yesterday and are already complaining that they are "camp sick” and that they were never "home sick” at Camp George! I hope that some day they realize how very lucky they are to have had the opportunity to attend such an amazing camp. The experiences that they have had will be wonderful memories for the rest of their lives.” 
—Camp George Parent

"I just received two letters from my daughter. The first was about the amazing canoe trip that she went on and all of the challenges that she was able to meet and handle well. The second was regarding the ropes course. For the past four summers, I have had to include on my daughter's camp application that she is terrified of the ropes course and that staff should not pressure her to do any of it. Well, not only did she do the low ropes course which was her personal goal for the summer… she has done the high ropes course including eating a picnic lunch on the platform! She wrote that she has "conquered her fear of heights” and is totally excited and thrilled with her accomplishment. I don't know how your staff got her to do the low ropes course let alone the high ropes course. They clearly worked with her in the most wonderful and encouraging way and the boost to her self-confidence and self-esteem from this achievement is beyond measure. It is truly a life metaphor for conquering fears and trusting in oneself. I am so grateful to the group energy that allowed this moment to happen.”
—Camp George Parent


"We have been impressed from the outset with everything the staff has done to assure that kids enjoy this special opportunity for a camp experience based on Reform Judaism. For me, the advance mailing of the CD to help Jen learn the camp music and prayers was a perfect example of the carefully designed programs. When we asked her what she liked best about camp, she said that the Shabbat Song Fests, the services, and the dancing were her very favorite part of camp! That's amazing for a child who had resisted the idea of learning Hebrew and hasn't participated in reading prayers when she is at services.” 
—Camp George Parent

"What makes Camp George most remarkable for me is the enthusiasm, commitment and dedication of our young people – both the campers and the staff – for Judaism. They have taken our dream of a camp for living Judaism and turned it into their vision of how to live Judaism as a kehilah kedosha, a holy community.”
—Camp George Faculty Member

Camp George has made my child feel she can accomplish anything she sets out to do. She was given special swim instruction so as to achieve a specific goal. She was given the opportunity to learn and implement leadership roles. She felt success all summer and was not judged in any way. She was made to feel welcomed and part of the group. Her self esteem grew and she thrived. She has always had a very positive experience in all her sessions at Camp George and only comes home for 10 months to get back to George!!
—Camp George Parent

My kids really love camp... They have had mostly positive experiences as campers and staff. Camp has given them a REAL positive Jewish experience that I am not sure they would have had without camp. Thank you for making Camp George what it is!!!
—Camp George Parent