We are actively planning for a safe, fun, and transformative Jewish Camp experience.
Please know that we will continue to update this page throughout the summer.
This page was last updated on June 16, 2021.

Our Partners

  • Ontario Camps Association
  • Ontario Council For Jewish Camps
  • UJA Toronto Federation
  • Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC)
  • Camps who operated in 2020
  • Ontario’s Ministry of Health
  • North Bay/Parry Sound District Health Unit
  • Union for Reform Judaism Camping System

Vaccine Policy

  • All year-round and seasonal adult staff are strongly encouraged to complete a COVID-19 vaccination series prior to arrival and must provide proof of vaccination.
  • We are working on developing a relationship with local vaccination clinics to provide 2nd doses to campers and staff who will need to receive their dose while at camp.
  • We strongly encourage and anticipate that many age-eligible campers will be vaccinated.
  • If your camper has been vaccinated, please upload a PDF of their vaccine card into CampInTouch.

George Specific

For the 14 days preceding your camp session, the camp Ministry of Health’s Guidance for Overnight Camps requires us to encourage all campers and staff to self-isolate. We need EVERYONE to do everything they can to minimize COVID risk as much as possible. We must all share in the communal responsibility of keeping everyone safe prior to arrival at camp.  We appreciate that everyone has their own unique situation, and we ask that you all do your very best to comply with the spirit and intent of this requirement.

Four our second session campers, the Ministry of Health has approved our campers to participate in day camp programs prior to joining us at Camp George.  Please continue to be vigilant about any unnecessary exposure to individuals outside of your family/day camp unit within this 14 day period.

To minimize the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses, enhanced cleaning methods will be employed to reduce transmission risk. Protocols will include specialized cleaning of communal spaces, shared items, frequently touched surfaces, and overall hand washing and sanitizing.



We recommend a PCR test 10 days prior to the start of your camper's session. For first session on June 21st, and for second session on July 26th.. If the test is positive, the camper is required to quarantine for 10 days and if they are symptom free at the conclusion of that 10 day period, they will be allowed to come to camp. This is intended for those who may test positive from a previous or current case of COVID still in their system.

We have arranged with ICL to provide PCR testing for our camp community 3 days prior to arrival at camp.

JULY 1 - First Session campers will drop off their luggage at Temple Sinai, in Toronto and receive their PCR test at the same time. JULY 26 – Second Session campers will drop off their luggage at Temple Sinai, in Toronto and receive their PCR test at the same time. JULY 4 – First Session campers will be given a rapid antigen upon arrival at our camper welcome area. JULY 29 – Second Session campers will be given a rapid antigen upon arrival at our camper welcome area.**If you are arriving to camp from outside of Ontario, you will be required to provide a proof of negative PCR test upon arrival.** The camp community will receive a PCR test on Day 5 of each session, while at camp.

If a camper tests positive for COVID-19, the camper will be isolated in a designated quarantine environment at camp. The Ministry of Health Guidance dictates that the entire cohort will have to leave camp in order to self-isolate for up to 14 days, at home.  Those campers must be picked up from Camp George within 12 hours by their parents or caregiver. Once the camper or staff has been asymptomatic and provides a negative test, they will be welcomed back to the camp community, should there be time left in their session.  We are obligated to report any positive COVID-19 campers or staff to our local Health Department.  We will seek further guidance as the situations evolve.
In preparation for the summer, please begin purchasing disposable masks for your camper(s). In order to ensure the highest level of protection, we ask that campers come prepared with disposable masks, rather than cloth masks. We ask that you send six disposable masks per day for your camper. For our 14-day Nitz and Lehavot campers, we recommend sending at least 84 masks, and for our 25-day programs, we recommend sending at least 150 masks.
Our cohorts will be organized by cabin assignment and will include the staff and specialists assigned to that cabin.Cohorts are not to mix with other cohorts (ie, be within close contact with one another) until 14 days have elapsed.  After 14 days, the cohort is considered an “established cohort” and is able to mix with other established cohort with less masking and/or physical distancing.

We know that a lot of fun and Camp George magic happens during our amazing evening programs, and that will still happen this summer!  Evening programs will be done by unit, with campers following the guidelines described below for activity with those outside their cohort.

At the beginning of second session, the cohorts will reset and the 14 day period will begin again.

This summer we will be having four activity periods per day instead of five. This will give more time for transition in-between periods. Each camper will still get to go into Maple Lake everyday!  We will still have the favourite camp wide programs such as Maccabiah, CG Games, B’Leibenu and more in a safe way that follows our protocols and the Ministry of Health guidelines. Chugim (choice) will still be offered to Lehavot, Kochavim, and Barak in a modified way. Some of the locations of our programs will be altered to be run outdoors. Swim classes will be organized by cohort. Swim staff will focus on fun recreational swim while teaching skills to multiple levels, at the same time. Campers will work on skills to maintain their current skill level.

All of these protocols are being developed to ensure the safest summer possible for our campers, staff, and faculty. We are so looking forward to bringing our camp community back together to celebrate in-person. We believe that following these protocols will help ensure the safest complete summer experience possible. Again, we highly encourage campers and staff who are eligible to get vaccinated before coming to camp. Regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or not, you will still be required to adhere to these protocols. 


Pre-Camp Precautions

  • There are still “break-through” cases, and we want to help make sure that you are not one of them. The guidance advises that the same rules apply regardless of vaccination status.
  • There are other viruses out there that are not COVID. If you come in with one of those, we may have to rule out COVID by isolating you and your bunk while we test to see what you have.
  • Many viruses present with COVID-like symptoms. Quarantining with your family not only keeps your immediate family safe, but also helps to safeguard our entire camp community against COVID and other viruses that may make their way into camp. Thank you in advance for doing your part to help keep our community healthy this summer.

While not required, we have asked our community to test 10 days prior to camp.  Should the test result in a positive result, they will be able to quarantine for the required 10 days while they are contagious, allowing them to be able to attend camp on their first day of their enrolled session.
See the above section on “Testing” for specifics. If your test comes back positive, please let your Camp’s office know.


Vaccination Policies

  • Yes. Our URJ Camps Medical Advisory Team strongly encourages the families of all who are eligible to get vaccinated. The higher our percentage of vaccinated individuals becomes, the better for the camp community.
  • Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 is an approved vaccine for children 12-15. Vaccinations will provide an important tool to mitigate the risks of COVID at Camp this summer.

  • The ideal situation is to get both doses, if you are able.
  • If you cannot get the second shot, you are still protected two weeks after your first shot. The second dose can be given after camp.
  • We will be looking to partner with local vaccination clinics near camp to supply vaccine doses to those who need.  

  • While vaccines are incredibly effective, they are not 100% effective.
  • The camper community is also not 100% vaccinated. Of the 2-dose Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, some eligible campers have had two doses pre-camp, some have had one dose pre-camp, and some have chosen not to vaccinate.
  • Campers who have been vaccinated may not be fully immunized until partially through their camp session.



As we prepare to return to camp this summer, we are committed to open, honest, and ongoing communication with our camper families. 

We know that we’re still in the pandemic and that there may still be challenges related to COVID-19. Therefore, we are updating our current policies to reflect COVID-19-specific cancellations because we know this summer is unique, because we want to be fair, and because we are in this together. As always, the health and safety of our camp community is our top priority at all times, without compromise. And rekindling the love of camp and joyful Judaism is our shared goal and responsibility.

The existing URJ Camps Cancellation Policy states that if there is a cancellation within 45 days of the beginning of camp, no refund will be issued to the camper family. That would include both deposit and tuition. Because of the unusual circumstances we are once again presented with this summer, we are amending that policy for circumstances specifically related to COVID-19.

If a camper withdraws from camp or is sent home due to COVID-19, a 15% non-refundable fee will be assessed to cover the many expenses camp incurred in order to open for the summer, and then the balance of tuition owed will be prorated based on the number of nights attended. This new policy applies if:

  • A camper can’t attend camp due to a positive COVID-19 test within the prescribed isolation period before camp, upon arrival on opening day, or during the camp session.
  • If a camper in your child’s pod tests positive and you want your child to return home early.

If there is a cancellation prior to or during the camp session that is not directly related to your child and COVID-19, our original cancellation policies remain the same. The revised refund policy does not apply if:

  • A camper is sent home because of COVID-19 who then returns to camp following their isolation period.
  • A camper is withdrawn from the program because there is a positive case in camp outside of the camper’s pod.

If there is a cancellation prior to or during the camp session that is not related to COVID-19 in nature, our original cancellation policies remain the same. 

While we are preparing to welcome your campers this summer, we also recognize that there may be circumstances out of our control that could necessitate a change, such as:

  • Program cancellation
  • Reduction in camp’s capacity because of local health regulations
  • Significant modification to camp’s programmatic offerings or fee structures

Should we be required to change or cancel programs, we will offer opportunities for families to:

  • Roll tuition payments over towards a 2022 URJ summer program
  • Consider a deeply meaningful contribution towards the perpetuation of our camp community by converting all or part of your tuition into a donation. If you generously choose to donate your tuition, every dollar will be matched through the Harold Grinspoon Foundation’s ‘All Together Now 2021’ program to support camps.
  • Families may also request a refund.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership and support. Of course, we will continue to keep you updated on all things as camp draws near. We look forward to a happy, healthy, and meaningful summer celebrating the very best of Jewish camp!



Refunds will be given without penalty (including deposit):

  • for campers on a “Waiting List” (those not able to be placed in their desired session at Camp) if at any time they choose to be removed from the list or are ultimately unable to be placed;
  • if Camp is unable or elects not to open because of government regulations, orders or guidelines
  • if Camp is required to cancel the session of a child with a pre-existing health condition;


Refunds will not be made if Camper has attended any portion of the session at Camp. This covers all circumstances, including, but not limited to:

  • Camper’s homesickness
  • Camper’s refusal or inability to participate in the normal activities at Camp
  • Camper’s violation of any rules, regulations or policies at Camp for which Camper has been provided notice, and as described in “Camper’s Participation and Camp Program Expectations” section.