What makes Camp George unique?

Camp George is an extraordinary place. Thousands of alumni who have passed through Maple Lake will tell you that it was at Camp George where they forged lifelong friendships, developed leadership skills, challenged themselves, and where their personal Jewish identity flourished. We are proud of the program we offer and believe that its focus helps to create a community that is caring, nurturing, and rooted in the values of Reform Judaism.

Some elements that make Camp George stand out include:

  • Our high staff to camper ratio of 1:3
  • Our high standard in health and wellbeing – physical, mental, and emotional
  • Our high quality staff and excellence in staff training and staff recruitment
  • Our faculty and additional adult staff in camp who help to mentor campers and younger staff
  • Our safety and security measures which include a nighttime security guard
  • Our policy of having one staff in the cabin at night at all times
  • Our excellence in informal Jewish programming
  • Our culture of caring and inclusivity
  • Our Machon program for first year staff, helping to support their first experience as caregivers for children
  • Our tradition of music – both Jewish and secular, that permeates our daily and weekly schedules through songsession, campfires and prayer experiences
  • Our year round community that gathers on multiple occasions to celebrate together at reunions and social events
  • Our promotion of Tikun Olam, repairing the world, that we foster in all that we do
  • Our approach to putting campers first, and focusing on the individual needs of each camper
  • Our beautiful landscape and connection to our outdoor environment
  • Our excellent facilities and focus on skill development in our program areas
  • Our focus on the cabin experience with increased choice options for older campers
  • Our excellent programming – in cabins, units, at specialty areas, and during full camp programs