At Camp George we believe strongly in the value of ‘giving back’. The Jewish value of ‘tikkun olam’ or repairing the world is at the core of why we make ‘giving back’ a priority. There are varied opportunities for our campers, staff and families to join together in Gemilut Chadadism (act of loving kindness). We are involved in supporting our neighbours in the nearby Parry Sound area as well as our own families and the broader community, Jewish and non-Jewish alike. These activities include:

  • School supply and healthcare product collection for donation
  • Soup preparation for Esprit Place Family Resource Centre
  • Planting and beatification as part of the Parry Sound Community Gardens projects
  • Supporting activities for seniors at Belvedere Heights
  • Collecting food in support of the Parry Sound Food Share program
  • Making sandwiches for distribution through Ve’ahavta
  • Awareness raising through our B’libienu 5km run

Opportunities for giving are offered during:

  • Our annual Community Shabbat
  • Barak Gives Back Day
  • Visitors’ Days
  • Alumni Gives Back Day
  • Year round camper programs

See our CITs in action learning about Tikun Olam