Blog  The Magic of Kehillah

The Magic of Kehillah

Summer 2021 has been one for the books! From the moment our campers got here, the spirit and joy that had been missing from our campgrounds since summer 2019 was brought back to life; since the first bus pulled in, it was clear that camp was not only back in session, but our community was reunited. So before we wave goodbye to our last bus of summer 2021, we want to reflect on some of the magical moments that our kehillah experienced this summer.

Camp has always been an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But in a year where COVID became the norm, and the things that we look forward to year-round were not possible, that escape was needed more than ever. Ruby from K8 shared that, “being back at camp after being in COVID was like getting a sense of freedom.” We saw this everyday at camp this summer; small things that we hadn’t been able to do for so long, like hug our friends or play a quick game of soccer, were brought back into our lives. Shayna from L6 says, “…I can be more free from the COVID world….it’s just great to be back here because it’s like my home away from home.” We couldn’t agree more!

One of the highlights of every summer is getting to see camp friends reunite. Now imagine those reunions after a full year apart! The smiles, hugs, singing, dancing and cheering that make these moments so special in a usual summer, were amplified out of this world this year! Samara from K8 says, “it was magical, because all these memories came flowing back to you after a year of not being able to see everyone.” This year was also one of building new friendships and connections. Raffi, a CIT says, “I’ve made new friends with a bunch of people and it’s been really great!” That is one of the most special things about camp friendships. Whether it’s new friends or old ones, the connections you make at camp are so unique and we know that this summer has made them stronger than ever.

Camp is a place where campers can grow, build lifelong skills and confidence in an immersive and supportive environment. So it’s no surprise that after a year of restrictions, lockdowns and quarantines, Elad, a 2021 CIT said, “being back at camp after so long is liberating!” We know that these skills withstand the test of time and are what makes a summer at camp so life changing and incredible for everyone.

Camp is not only a “home away from home” but it’s a community, a kehillah, filled with support, belonging and love. We need to thank everyone in our camp kehillah for standing by us in the most challenging year, but also for bringing the magic back to camp this summer. We couldn’t have done any of this without you. Until next time, Camp George!